Finisher medals are getting even better. Yes, it’s possible.

Nothing is more personal than the sweat and pain that go into earning a Spartan finisher medal.  So we decided that we wanted to give you the ability to personalize yours.


This is why at the Georgia Spartan Sprint this weekend we will be unveiling the new iTab system for Spartan Race finisher medals.

Your finisher medal tells a story that began when you decided to get fit and change your life till when you crossed the finish line a changed person.  iTab will help you document this journey with your ability to emblazon your medal with your finishing time and other info unique to your race.

As racers we understand the importance of a finisher medal in a way that our friends might not get.  We know you get it.

See you at the finish line.

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7 Responses

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    Thats awesome! Should’ve don’e it last year.

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    THIS IS AWESOME! Hurry back to Arizona so I can get my next medal ITAB’d!

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    I was wondering when or if you guys will have a race in Louisiana. You should really consider doing one here.

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    Ran at gulf coast and paid for the itab, the metal is awesome with designs on the front and back and spear heads pointing out around it but there is no place for the Iitab

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      Hi Elliott, you’ll be able to place the iTAB on the backside of the medal or on the ribbon directly above the medal! Hope you enjoyed the race!

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    Where do you cclaim the itab? I finished my race 11/17 norcal. Does it get sent in the mail?

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