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Peak Ultra 30 Miler

Peak Ultra 30 Miler

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    Having goals and working tworad them is the best part. I always get disppointed if I miss a targeted goal (“If I just pushed myself a little more, I could’ve made it!”) but deep down, I love that I have something to chip away at.Badwater is no joke I love that you’ve listed it! Whenever I’m out on a run I always think about that race and how runners have to run on the white lines to prevent their sneakers from melting. I’ve never run it, just thinking about it makes me tired, but I like reading stories of runners who have since it gives me a little extra spring in my step to push through a measly single digit run.Are you considering a Ragnar relay at all? They’ve changed the NY relay from the Hudson Valley to the Adirondacks. I’m thinking about it!

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