It Started With a Purpose

Have you ever wanted to know what makes someone tick? Have you ever wanted to know what is the reason why one puts their body through so much torture day in and day out? Well, I do. I see people every day that inspire me to push my limits and I see people that do extraordinary things. I often wonder what motivates them and what are their reasons. So, I thought for this week I would reach out to some of the coolest people I know and ask.

When I was looking over Facebook the other day, I came across Hobie Calls Facebook status and started to read over the post about his results for 2012. I was blown away by all the 1st places he achieved for this year and I started to wonder “WHAT’S HIS PURPOSE?” I wondered what pushed a man to  achieve 15 1st places and only 1 2nd place for this year? I wondered what drives him and I really wanted to pick Hobie’s brain on this.. So, I reached out to him and simply asked “Hobie, What’s Your Purpose?” Hobie replied with this:

My driving force is to encourage others to live healthier and never give up. Where that comes from, I don’t know.. LOL.. 

Coming from a man, who just had 15 1st place finishes out of 16 this year, I think his actions speak louder than words.. He truly has the drive to be number 1. Congrats to Hobie for his great 2012 season.

I also looked at one of the crowd favorites and my favorite, Ella Anne Kociuba.  I started following Ella shortly after my journey began with  Sparta. After reading her story I quickly realized that she and I had a lot in common when it came to tragedies in life. If you don’t know Ella’s Story here is the link, it is worth the read (  This girl does not let anything stop her and that made me want to know more about Ella Anne Kociuba. So, I did the exact same thing. I reached out to Ella and asked “What’s Your Purpose?”  Ella replied with this:

I’ll compare my drive as if it were fire. My surroundings give me the strength to grow but I tell you what, if you get in my way of my goals, I will burn you down. I guess you could say that I got tired of suffering, tired of wishing, dreaming, and crying for my dreamsThe journey to where I am today, was by no means easy and it still isn’t. I have faced failure countless of times, I have tasted disappointment like it was my only resource for food before, but I never ever given up myself. I knew what I wanted and I knew it would take lots of hard work and time to get there. I proved to myself that you can do anything if you give it your everything. And that is what I believe should be everyone’s goal in life, to define your odds day in and day out and no matter what it is that you’re after, just know that it will happen if you make it happen.

The next person was actually the first person who came to mind when it came to “What’s your Purpose?” It was none other than Rob Baily founder and creator of . For those of you that don’t know what Flag Nor Fail is, it is a clothing line that  is based on the definition of “FLAG NOR FAIL is a mindset. No surrender and no failure. Flag represents surrender, much like one would wave a white flag to admit defeat. No surrender, no failure.”  I love the Purpose of what Flag Nor Fail stands for and there are countless times when I am out training the words “FLAG NOR FAIL” comes to mind. Never to give up and Never to Surrender. I don’t know of any company that like this.  So, I wondered what Pushes Rob Baily. So, I reached out to Rob as I did with Ella and Hobie and asked “What’s your Purpose? Rob replied with this:

My  purpose is to take steps forward from yesterday. To improve daily. Show the World who I am and what I am capable of …. And hopefully inspire people to be a better version of their self… or at least chase that version.”\

Not only is this man so far ahead of his time, He has so many talents under his belt. He is a photographer, video editing specialist, and has built Flag Nor Fail from the GROUND UP!! This man, is one in a million and This guy “KNOWS HIS PURPOSE!”

Almost everyone knows my story and what happened to me on 05/02/1993. But do you really know my purpose? Several years ago, I was severely overweight and I was on the fast track to death. Now, this was after my car accident and had a second chance at life.. I had let myself go, I had gained well over 120lbs. and was at a weight right at 270lbs and a size 40 jeans. My wheelchair was so big that I had trouble getting through the average doors. I was way out of shape and well on my way to a fast death if I did not change. I was eating fast food morning, noon and night for my meals. I was wasting money and my life away and while doing so, I developed a huge internal infection. The infection landed me in the hospital for over two weeks and the one thing that the Doctor said to me was “ if you don’t change your lifestyle, I will see you in here in about 6 months again but this time it will be wearing a “TOE TAG!” I knew then I had to change, My purpose became my life. My purpose became so important and that I knew I had to change. So, after being released from the hospital I went home, I took the garbage can to the fridge, Started dumping all the junk foods and then went to the pantry and did the same thing. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change if I wanted to live. I started caring for myself again, I started caring about what went into my body because I knew if I didn’t, my life was over. One year later, I had lost over 100lbs and started competing again in wheelchair sports. My Everyday wheelchair now fit inside my old wheelchair. My racing chair could not fit inside my old racing chair. I was in better shape than ever. I had control over my life and IT FELT GREAT. So my purse is simple, I want to be around for many years to come for myself, my wife and kids.  So, I used athletics and sport to reach my goals and to stay healthy and that is what allowed me to be here today. When I found out what a Spartan Race was for the first time, I saw a challenge that could be accomplished if I simply put my mind to it, took what I have learned from my life, from what I have learned from others such as the mentality that “anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!”

While I train for my Spartan Race I am reminded daily, that Life is about Struggle, Life is about Challenges, Life is about obstacles and Life is about achievement and without a purpose and without a will to fight, Life can be the hardest challenge but if you have the No Retreat, No surrender attitude, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  With that being said, What is your purpose for getting out of bed every day and doing what you do? What is your Purpose for Achieving Glory? Once you find out what it truly is, then you will be able to achieve all that you have set out to do for yourself.

Lastly, I want to Thank Rob Baily personally for believing in me and giving me the courage to start on my journey as I chase for Spartan Glory.. THANK YOU Rob!!!!!!



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    Sorry all, I was so excited to write this blog and missed a few errors. I am no writer but I love doing this. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have so far.

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