by Carrie Adams

While in Miami, Spartan event staff purchased some rope from a local fisherman told only that it had a colorful past and had been all around the world and seen thousands of nautical miles.  We were told the rope was lucky – that’s why the fishermen would always touch this particular rope for luck before setting out to sea.

The rope has been kicking it in the Spartan Trailer for a few weeks now biding its time while we thought of something constructive (or destructive) to do with it.

It’s time has come…

Meet Leonidas.

Leonidas will debut in New York City, positioned near the start before, to allow competitors the chance to rub off some good luck.  Racer’s better get to know Leonidas because he will be the centerpiece to a tug-of-war festival for the battered survivors.

photo (7)


There are two rules:

1. Leonidas will be at every U.S. Spartan Race and before the race Leonidas will remain coiled up near the starting line. Runners can come touch the rope just before their heat to attain some of his legendary lucky power.

2. Leonidas will not be washed. All mud and blood earned on the tug-of-war battlefield will remain.

Get some, Spartans!

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