by Steve Halstead

Spartan Nation, we want YOU!

March Madness has come once again, and we’ve decided to make our own Spartan Race Bracket Competition! The first 500 Spartans to send in their filled out bracket will qualify for the competition, so fill it out now to ensure your chance to win!

Here’s how to enter…  Download this PDF and enter you selections. Save the PDF and send it as an attachment to If you’re unable to save the PDF, simply type in your selections, print the PDF and send it to us as an attachment. Brackets must be turned in no later than 12:00 PM Thursday EST. The top 5 brackets will be contacted once the tournament is over. 

The 5 brackets with the highest scores will receive a 2013 SEASON PASS. Additionally, any Spartan able to construct a PERFECT bracket will have won an ALL EXPENSES PAID 2013 SEASON PASS! That means we will provide you with a flight, rental car, hotel, and meals for the duration of your stay for every race in the 2013 season! 

Fill out the bracket now, don’t miss out on your chance to win!


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    14 out of 16 so far! Go ‘Heels!!

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