The images of Danny Rodriguez, a man weight in at over 400lbs at the Midwest Spartan Super are startling. Rodriguez, along with some friends and a couple of staff members, hiked and fought for a staggering nine hours to cross the finish line. But that’s just the beginning of his story. Because Danny has committed to so much more. He’s moved to Pittsfield, Vermont to let Spartan founder Joe D help him change his life for the better by changing how he eats, how he trains, and how he lives. Rodriguez is ready.

Surrendering his car keys, his vehicle and all his cash, he says his goal is to lose 200 pounds. For accommodations in Pittsfield, he is sleeping on top of a Mountain without plumbing or electricity and carried his own luggage to the top as one of his first tasks. For the Chicago native, he’s never been this far from home but he knows that its time for something better.

Danny is now undergoing the very same regime Chris Davis went through with Spartan Race founder Joe Desena in Vermont in a bid to emulate the same weight loss and lifestyle change.

“This is why we started Spartan Race,” explains Joe De Sena.  ”We’re here to rip people off their couches and change their lives.  Forever. It’s that simple.  When Danny leaves here, he’ll leave a different human being.”

Danny talks about what he wants to experience in this emotional journey to save his life.

Stay tuned to more Danny Rodriguez updates. In the meantime, find your own Spartan finish line. Register HERE.

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    Danny you should be so very proud of yourself!! Remember it’s not the time you completed it in it’s the fact that you completed it!!! WAY TO GO SPARTAN! Keep up the great work!

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    Danny you are an inspiration. I hope to do my first Spartan Race next year. You are not only saving your life but the lives of every person you inspire and light a fire within!! Keep it up!!

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    This is truly awe-inpsiring. You are inspiration. I hope that other people take away the true value of what you are doing. I have no doubt that you will accomplish your goal. Listen to those trainers! They know what they are doing. I truly hope that this reforms your life the way you want it to. All of the best!

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    I am proud of you Danny. Keep it up….You can do this!

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    I posted the picture of you on my race’s FB page because I thought your determination, and those around you, was out of this world. I don’t know which I loved more, seeing you determined to make it up the wall or those helping you making sure you secured the wall. You are very brave. I look up to you! Just like our race’s motto “Back up and Running”

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    Good luck brother!!! You own this!

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