I am a normal, average woman. I played sports and was an outdoor activities enthusiast as a child, in high school, and college, but was never really good at anything fitness related in particular. I enjoyed competition, but never won at anything.

After graduating from college, life just happened and I found myself doing less and less of the sports and outdoor activities I once enjoyed so much. Demands of work, parenthood, finances, and no time for exercise or activities that I once enjoyed, left me stressed out, overweight, pessimistic, and generally quite unhappy with life.

One day I decided enough was enough. I realized there was more to working 12-15 hour days when I decided my lifestyle was no longer healthy. I decided change was needed when I looked over lab results from a most recent physical exam.

What did I do that brought me from miserable Sunday afternoons moping on the couch to elite podium-winner obstacle course competitor? Two things:  Spartan Race and Spartan Race WOD (workouts of the day).

By January 2012 I followed each and every WOD sent to me. I wasn’t able to complete every pull-up or every set, I struggled with the burpees, and I found I could barely run the minimal distance. However, remembering that I was a beginner, I made every attempt to learn and push my body and mind each and every day. By my first Spartan Race in March 2012 I felt I was ready to at least complete the race and feel good about it.

Being the competitor I am, I signed up for the elite heat. To my complete surprise, I finished that race 2nd overall woman.  Well,  I couldn’t settle for 2nd place when I knew I could push my body and mind even further. Why not try? I signed up for the Spartan Race in Indiana and continued to do the SR WOD each and every day. As I was getting stronger and fit, I could do more push-ups, pull ups, burpees, run the longer distances, and complete more rounds/sets. I even found myself doing a few extra burpees for fun here and there.

Since October 2011 I have completed several 5Ks, triathlons, trail runs, and over 10 obstacle course races, 8 of which were Spartan Races varying from Sprints to Beasts. I have finished the top 3 elite overall female in all but one of OCR competitive heats, and in that one I finished 7th place.

I am the healthiest and happiest I’ve been in many a year and I have many more Spartan Races scheduled, I will continue serving and motivating my students with learning challenges, and I hope to inspire and help change the lives of people, athletes or not, who desire an all-around healthier life.

I currently live in Atlanta, GA. I have a Master’s degree in education from the College of St. Catherine’s, St. Paul, Minnesota. I have over 20 years of experience teaching children and adults as well as being the headmaster and owner of a private school. I teach children with dyslexia, high levels of ADHD, and other challenging learning disorders. I motivate my students with what I’ve gained from being a Spartan Racer; instilling confidence, pushing past what is difficult to reach goals, healthy eating, daily exercise, and to take time to enjoy life. I approach education in a non-conventional way to best fit each and every student’s individual learning style because I understand that every person, athlete or student, is different and what works for one, doesn’t work for all.  My students love following my races and are huge motivators for me to work hard and give my training and racing my all.

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    Thank you Andi,
    This is just what I needed. I got motivated and signed-up for the March Spartan Race sprint but not sure where to go from there! The WODs are a little scary but I like your approach and I’m gonna do it.

    I live in Atlanta now and my first two girls were born in St. Paul, MN so I felt some kinship there!

    Thank you!!!!


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    Andi I met you on the first hill of the race last Sunday, where you mentioned that you had completed the super sprtan the day before. congrats on being a fantastic competitor and for being so determined to strive harder !!!
    Nice to meet you and best of luck.

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    I would just like to say thank you to you once again! You were a true motivation to me during the vegas super spartan. You continued to push me to finally finish and no words cam truly express my gratitude. Continue to motivate as you do!

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    you have inspired me, thank you.

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    Awesome! Really inspiring. What is a pistol squat and box jump?

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    Hi Andi, I was trying to find contact information for you as part of my job search and discovered the awesome pictures and stories about you racing. You look great. Please contact me.

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