Dr. Jeff Godin earned his Ph.D. in Exercise Science/ Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut and his MS in Exercise Science/ Human Performance at Bridgewater State College.  Jeff is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the International Society for Sports Nutrition.  He has worked in the field for 22 years as a fitness director and personal trainer.  Jeff is an Associate Professor at Fitchburg State University where he also serves as the Chairperson for the Department of Exercise and Sports Science.

Jeff is the Director of Spartan Coaching. Starting in early November, 2012 Spartan Race will have a fitness certification for mud and obstacle racing available nationwide. Check SpartanCoaches.com frequently for the most recent updates.

Jeff has competed in and finished over 20 ultra-endurance events, including the :Leadville 100 and Tahoe 100 endurance runs, the Spartan Beast, Ironman Lake Placid and Coeur D’Alene, and numerous other Spartan Race events, marathons, adventure races and mountain bike marathons.

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    Wow! I just read the blog (story) about John Ulsh. I have a similar story. I was also hit head on in a pretty horrific car crash by a drunk driver on an interstate highway. I was taking my son to a soccer game. Long story short we were all air lifted to the local trauma center. I also spent that summer in a nursing home not being able to walk. I quit counting broken bones at 27 including both my heels being crushed,broken back,pelvis, etc… My wife ran her 1st Spartan race here in Pa 2 weeks ago. That lit a spark in me. We used to run together, a matter of fact I proposed to her while trail running. In a blink of an eye it was taken away from me. Well I want it back! It’s events like the Spartan race and blog posts like you guys write about that are truly inspiring. I haven’t ran in over 2 years since my accident until the other day after I vowed that I will run,walk, or crawl to the finish line of next years Pa spartan race! Thanks to everyone involved with the Spartan Race and thank you guys for sharing these awesome inspirational story’s. Make it a fantastic day!

    Steve Myers

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    Hi, what would I have to do in order to become a blogger for you guys??? I have recently finished the Spartan Sprint in London UK and have endured in many other races all over the country.

    I already have a blog which you can find here below:


    Let me know what you think and looking forward to hearing back from you in the near future.

    Kind regards,
    Sash von R

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    Hello all,

    I intend to enter a few events for the 2013 season, thus becoming a ”certified” Spartan. Where can I get the details as to time, per race, allowed. This way I can train with objectives in mind. I do believe that there is no time for the death race but, what about the other races?

    Thank you for replying and keep up the good work.

    You’re really helping us in staying fit and young. :)


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    Hi Guys,

    I have been looking for the Spartan Super Beast (marathon race) and I am having trouble finding one. Are there going to be any in the future? I am really wanting to push myself and I know this would definitely put me to the test.



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    Gunter – I feel reaaally good after toignht’s workout. it feels like it’s been 2 weeks where i feel like i got out what i put in a workout. I did RX’d sumo’s and used the L brackets for my dips. 13:55. last one to finish, but i’m proud it was sub-15 this time.[]

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