Rose-Marie Jarry is a Spartan racer, former track and field athlete and the creator of Kronobar, a line of all-natural protein and energy bars. Rose-Marie provides healthy and energy-packed recipes for our Spartan Performance Nutrition blogs.







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    Thoughts I shared with my team:
    Super Spartan Lessons Learned and Training thoughts for the upcoming year; Mike Mayros, Donny Wardlaw, Rob Tidwell please weigh in here.
    1) I don’t need to run 13 miles, I need to run consecutive FAST 1 miles
    2) Pull ups are important but, practice on monkey bars would be better.
    3) Nutrition and Hydration were my friend
    4) Endurance Fitness with interval training every week is important
    5) Recovery weeks are essential. I worked too damn hard too damn much this summer.
    6) Rest the night before was WONDERFUL
    7) Goals are important. My goal; do it again and finish in top 10 of my age group
    8) GREAT friends make the beest workout partners, I got 3 at the core and more to follow
    9) Doing this crap for a greater good gives me focus. Lynch Syndrome is gaining awareness through our knuckle headed activity.
    10) I will run and ride and push and pull and lift and bruise and cut and heal for the rest of my life!

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    Will or are there age categories for events? Such as over 30, 40,50,60 etc??? As much in my mind I can keep up with a 20 year old at 40 I cannot. Thanks

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    do you have a cook book (s) published and available for sale? if so where can they be found? Can’t find anything on the net so far.

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