What’s in Spartan Race DNA?

SR_HURRICANE_BadgeWe are a different kind of competitive event. Why do I say that? The Spartan Race series was born from the Death Race and as such, it is meant to emulate life and help us, “the founders“, find extraordinary people that inspire us as well others. Therefore, our job has evolved into one where we constantly push people beyond their limits. This is not only done through physical challenges, but also mental challenges, many of which are not so obvious.

The Hurricane Heat is a perfect example. When Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast inphoto (8)2011, it was a natural disaster that shut many of us down and in doing so, frustrated the shix out of people. It’s quite obvious that Spartan Race aims to do just that at every event… frustrate and attempt to “break” people. Why? Because the survivors and people that push on, no matter what is being asked of them… inspire themselves, people around them, and the rest of the world. That is what we are about.

bamfThe gear list, whether it is extensive or “old school”, is not intended to prepare you for every scenario. It’s intended to get you thinking. As in real life, we can never truly be ready for every situation, but we can train ourselves on how to react when faced with adversity. It’s how you respond in these situations that determines whether or not you are a true Spartan. Annoying co-workers, relationship troubles, financial problems, and disease can only be conquered if you have the right attitude.

Assess the situation.

Remain calm.

Make a decision.

Keep charging forward.

That’s what Spartans do.

The Hurricane Heat takes Spartan Race to the next level, and we are thrilled that we have the opportunity to spend time with a bunch of like minded individuals willing to get outside, get dirty, and sweat doing things that are so unorthodox.

Can’t wait to see you out there again!

To register for an upcoming Hurricane Heat, visit our event pages and get signed up for your event!  

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    Life is bending me like a paper clip right now. Its keeping me from getting my mind and body in the game. With AZ only a little more than a week away, I really needed to read this. Awesome.

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      I think what you should try doing is sotemhing like a breakfast with 8 eggwhites and oatmeal, snake protein shake, workout, flank steak and baked potatoe, protein shake, dinner should be 8ounce of skim milk flank/chicken/fish whatever you want with a side of veggies and another baked potatoe. That should help with sizing up. and not fattening up

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    You guys need to come to Kansas City! Bring something tough. People in this area endured a natural disaster like the Joplin Tornado very admirably and was active in response to it instead of hanging their heads in the wake. You’ll find people that are nothing short of extraordinary.

    And by the way…. I plan on winning it

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      beat my January time by 2:20 seconds and I just had a serugry. Not going to lie it was tough tonight and I felt like I would die at any moment. Just seemed so weak after taking a week off. Really need to work on the pull ups again to get them back consistently.

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