Spartan Race is now offering $20,000 in a”winner take all” prize at our 
final 2011 race in Texas.  The Super Spartan on December 3rd, at Rough
 Creek Lodge & Resort, Rough Creek, TX, will set the stage for the final showdown of our fastest 2011 athletes with the top male and top female finisher each walking away with a $10,000 prize (totaling $20,000) with the fastest 
time in a special championship heat. That heat will be 
open to anyone who has finished in the Top 10% of any
 Spartan Race worldwide in 2011 (calculated based on aggregated times from all heats). Qualified athletes will be receiving a special race entry invitation by email to accept their spot.

The winners (one male and one female) will receive $10,000 and 
earn the title of the “World’s Best Obstacle Racer.” Second place will receive an expenses paid trip to the Spartan World Championships to be held in Las Vegas, NV in December 2012, and third-fifth place finishers will receive entry to the 2012 championship event.  Entrants already registered in the Texas Super Spartan Race on December 3rd in the elite wave at 9am can earn qualification for our 2012 championship series or contact us for details on gaining wild card entry to the 2011 championship $20k heat.

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    So is the heat closed to anyone else? I only ask because unfortunately I sucked it up at the Smithville, TX race last march (being my first race of the year) and finished at 27%. However, since then I race Warrior Dash, The Survival Race, The DFW MudRUN (10k), The Patriot Games, and Run The Jailbreak – Austin finishing in the top 10% in all of those races. I just want a chance to compete with those elite Spartans.

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      It’s not closed, we are just bringing some of our fastest finishers from the year. Sign up for the 9 AM heat. Get some!

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    Will you be doing this for 2012 too? I was top 10% in the overall socal one. I did not know about the elite level. Must you compete in the elite wave? Do all races qualify?

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