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Banner SR LOGO White

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    I competed in the Sparatan New England on 8/11/12. I would like a Spartan Race banner for my gym. How can I get a large banner?

    Victor Ng

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    Hello, My name is Austin Benjamin, owner of Essential Fitness. Recently my gym has been putting together a team of 50+ members to train and compete in the spartan races in New York as well as NJ. I wanted to hang a banner inside and out to spark hype, awareness, and motivation not only to those competing but also the heavy traffic passing our facility and was wondering if you can send us a couple or even 1 would be much appreciated. We were also looking to make or buy shirts as well so hopefully you can point us in the right direction for that. We look forward to working with you and becoming a staple “spartan race” facility.

    Thank you and good health to you this holiday season
    Austin Benjamin

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