by Carrie Adams

What’s more fun than taking on a Super Spartan alone?  Doing it with a friend in a two person team relay!  That’s right!  If you’re not sure you’re ready for all eight muddy miles of the Super Spartan in Leesburg, VA then split the difference with a friend!

The Mid-Atlantic Super Spartan Sunday is offering a brand NEW option for anyone who wants a new twist on our classic course.  There will be a two-person team relay registration option for the Sunday, August 26th Mid-Atlantic race!  Each person will take on half the course (4+ miles filled with obstacles) earning each member a finisher medal and all the Spartan glory of race day!

The Relay heats are at 12:30pm and 1:00pm! Prices open at $120 for both people (only $60 each).  That’s half the course for the half the price!  What’s not to love about that?

Need to get signed up?  Head HERE and get your two-person team signed up!

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