Chris Davis is much smaller Spartan

Chris Davis is Shrinking

My Journey to Sparta – The Chris Davis Project:  Part 4

by Carrie Adams and Chris Davis

Since arriving at Spartan’s HQ in Pittsfield, VT Chris Davis has lost 28.2 lbs., well on his way towards his goal.  Under the watchful eye of Dr. Jeff Godin, the Director of Spartan Coaching a new part of Spartan Race, Davis is being monitored and his stats tracked as he trains and eats his way to a new life.  The picture below shows Chris’s progress from where he started at over 700lbs.  Here is his blog installment of April 24th. 


Last night I started out taking it easy because I was still nervous about my hip. But as I progressed though my workout, I started to feel more and more confident.  By the end of the workout my hip was sore, but it did not give me any additional issues, so I hope we are over that potential injury. Now I just have to work to strengthen the muscles in my hip so I do not continue to have these kinds of scares.

This morning I had to wake up a little earlier than normal so I could get in a quick workout before going to my first speaking event. So I started out my morning with a two mile walk from the lodge towards Spartan Camp at 5:30am this morning. My ride showed up and took me the rest of the way to Camp. Once I was there we started starting doing ‘burples’, not quite burpees but close, followed by walking up the stairs with the 35Lb Yellow Spartan Pancake. We did this for about an hour.  So much for kung-fu this morning, but there is always tonight and tomorrow.

After my morning workout, I headed over to Castleton College and spoke to Andy Weinberg’s (A Spartan Race Founder) class on my experience on how I got to 700lbs and some of the challenges both physical and physiological that you cope with when you are that heavy. It felt good to tell them about my experience, I hope that my story will help them understand some of the challenges larger people deal with.

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    Awesome story. Keep it up.

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    Kevin from the XOC!!! Saying Kick Butt out there man we are all here cheering you on!!!

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    FREAKIN AWESOME! That is really fantastic progress very proud of you

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    The XOC is rooting for you Chris. Stay focua and know that hard work does pay off!!!!

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    Keep up the good work!

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    Looks like thing are going well for you. Keep up the hard work, it’s an inspiration to all of us!!

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    You are doing something incredible, keep at it and keep inspiring!

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    Hey Chris we are so proud of you for doing this your story is Phenomanal..Keep up the good work… we will pray that God strengthens you through this process… and carries you to VICTORY!!!!! yeah….

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    Hi Cris all of us here @ Comcast miss you. We know you are going to do great. I will be keeping up with you through you journey.

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    Good luck.. I am rooting for ya…Comcast XOC-Atlanta

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    keep up it up your doing a fab job, many a hard day too be had and many a memory of might have been, yourin sfae hands push hard and give us an AROO too bring it home!! :)

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    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! Your story is going to literally save lives and you are already touching so many people – great job! And yay on already losing another 28.2 pounds!!!!!!

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