by Carrie Adams

549449_10150920436514478_763744477_13000247_2091152164_nThere are days when the sun rises and sets without any distinguishable features.  The hours seem to slip by without any fanfare and without incident.  Then there are the days when something happens, something so impossible to believe that the world itself hasn’t stopped turning.  Today was a day like that for Chris Davis.  Today, he became half the man he once was.

Here is his journal entry for today.


Last night I left the office, and walked back to Spartan Camp, we have decided to add a second climb up the mountain in the afternoon to help keep our progress on track. The walk went great, I was running a few minutes late for kung-fu, and I will just have to make sure I get out of the office a few minutes earlier to make sure I am not late for kung-fu today.

This morning, I was woken up by Joe and the film crew… There is nothing better than waking up to a camera recording.  It took me back to my days of being on-call as a Network Engineer for Comcast. Talk about going from 0-60 in 15 seconds, that will do it. 319681_10150475761359478_763744477_11245790_564452592_n

After waking up, we drove down to the Bikram Yoga Studio, where I had my second session, I feel that I did a lot better this time, but I know I have a long way to go. I the only part I had a real problem with was lying flat on my back… I guess it is a side effect of being so heavy for so long. I am sure that as I continue to lose weight, and get more flexible that this will work it way out like the other issues I have experienced so far…

Then came the big news.  After Yoga, we weighed me and I am down to 344.4lbs. That means I have now lost over 50% of my original weight when I began this journey. I am literally half the man I was and I feel great!

(Note from Chris:  I really need to take a minute and thank my fellow co-workers located in the Detroit XOC, Atlanta XOC, and Central Division Offices. Without your support I would not have made it this far. I also need to personally thank Wayne Pennington, for watching over our servers in Detroit, and Jimmy Gatt for watching over our servers in Atlanta, during my leave of absence. Also I need to thank Shane Portfolio for inviting me to join him during the Atlanta Spartan Sprint Race; his invitation changed my life forever.)

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    Can’t wait to do Bikram with ya, Chris! :) See you soon in VT!

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    OHY MY GOSH!!!!!!! You go bro!!!! That is awesome.

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    That is AWESOME! news….. keep up the great work and you will meet your goals!

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    You may be half the man but you’re living twice the life!! Kick Ass, take names only if you feel like it!!!

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      is “beautiful”. I will refuse to ltesin. And I will create my own vision of what sexy is. Because my strength is what will make me feel sexy. And I will be damned before I let anyone tell me that my inner thighs touching is unattractive.CrossFit changes lives people. It gives us drive, gives us focus, and it gives us a purpose. And as women, we strive for a purpose. We yearn for something greater than what we have, something greater than what we were given. Our workouts give us something to look forward to everyday. They prove to us that we can pretty much grow muscles in our armpits if we put our mind to it. We sweat. We bleed. We cry. We heave. We say “That was the worst wod I’ve ever done” then follow up the next day saying the exact same thing. AND WE KEEP DOING IT. We put ourselves through physical pain, daily, just to figure out what our purpose is. I know what my purpose is….to grow them thighs so I can squat more. Boom.What’s your purpose?

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    You have many people behind you, Chris. Keep it up!!!

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    Well done, Fella. That is amazing. I lost about fifty pounds last year and it changed everything for me. A lot of that was because of Spartan Race and others. You may say you are half the man you were…I am going to think of it as being a whole new man. From across the Atlantic I wish you the best, my friend.

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    Congrats Chris! Keep putting in the time and see the results! Your an inspiration for some of guys to keep battling day in, day out!!

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    Keep up the excellent work, man. It will continue to be worth it.

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    Congratulations on your hard work, success and most importantly the new life you are carving out for yourself. You may be an inspiration to many but oftentimes its lighting the inspiration for ouselves which is a driving force for change. Today is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift…its called the Present. Glad you unwrapped your present. Namaste.

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    You are an inspiration! I also used a spartan sprint as a goal. Crossfit and paleo diet for 5 months and I am down from 280 to 230.

    Keep at it. You are helping others change their lives as well!

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    You are incredible! to fight like that and share the journey with us is an inspiration to me. I have lost 25lbs and want to drop 30 more lbs.

    As I face my challenges I look to folks like you who push hard and keep going so I can keep going when I haven’t been able to keep up with my program and that chiseled spartan body seems unattainable.


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    Keep rockin’ it, Chris. Doing some awesome work!

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    you rock dude keep up the good work.

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    Big respect to you buddy,keep up the good work and enjoy your new life.

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    This story is truly inspirational it goes to show you that with determination and drive anything is possible. Kudos to you Chris for staying determined to complete your fittness goal!

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    fantastic!!!!! woo hoo! Told you, you are the greatest, strongest man I know – and dont forget I expect to see you in New York when I do my broadway show in November, until then I am cheering for you from comcast xoc all the way in chamblee, GA!

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    Chris you rock! Stay healthy and enjoy the journey.

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    this guys is amazing.. sounds like he is on another journey.


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    I did see the movies and while some parts (especially frsekleas parts) were good, I did expect a bit more. In any event, I liked it as I’m a huge history buff and a fan of the Spartans. a0|a0

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