My Journey to Sparta – The Chris Davis Project:  Part 8

by Chris Davis and Jason Jaksetic


In this installment of My Journey to Spartan – The Chris Davis Project we find Chris Davis writing to us more about how he is feeling:  what he thinks about when watching TV and contemplating food, how he feels homesick, and how he takes stock of his remarkable progress here at Spartan HQ.  Working with him each day I can only appreciate his resolve as he focuses on the transformation of a lifetime.  I train on the same hills he does and I can tell you that they are a killer to walk up, no matter where you are on your athletic journey. When Chris talks about going out to take a walk, he means it!   

These are hard roads, but I always see Chris walking with his chin up.  -Jason Jaksetic


Chris Davis: Hiker

Last night was the first night since I have arrived at Spartan HQ where I just sat down and watched some TV.   I have to admit, that between VOD, Tivo, and Netflix, I don’t watch a lot of normal TV anymore, so it was kind of funny to me how many of the commercials were for foods that I use to love:  Digiorno, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Quiznos, and several more.

It seemed that there was at least one food commercial in every break.     I just found it funny how I have never noticed this before in all of my years of watching TV.  Maybe I noticed this last night because I was completely focused on the TV, and not trying to do anything else – like thinking of work, trying to solve a problem from earlier in the day, or worried about what to need to do tomorrow.

Or maybe it was because I found myself craving everything that I saw.  I started to question each one of the food items before me; thinking about calories, and the real nutritional value of each piece of junk food, and I thought back to Andy Weinberg’s comment in the week 3 video clip:  “3000 calories of garbage” (for a meal!)

Yea, that was the life I use to live.   To be honest, I still crave some of these foods some times, but right now I would rather cook my own food than going out for fast food.  Nothing is sounding better to me than a nice piece of grilled chicken, with some fresh rosemary…   It is funny how eating fruits and vegetables for almost 5 weeks changes the way you look at food, not just fruits and vegetables, but all foods.  It really helps to bring you back to the basics.  I think that is a good thing from time to time.

This morning I had a hard time waking up – I just did not want to get out of bed.  I didn’t sleep very well, did a lot of tossing and turning.

But once I got out of bed I felt great, my feet had stopped hurting, I felt ready to go walking.  When I left my apartment at 5:43am, I just started walking up the road.   I was surprised that before I made it to the first turn, my ride showed up, so I just smiled and got in the car.

When I got to Spartan Camp I started to look for my friend, the 30 lbs sandbag weight called The Green Spartan Pancake, but I could not find it so, I started on my walk up the hill without it.   About 3 minutes into the walk Joe sent me a message to make sure I was walking with the Pancake, so I turned back around searched till about 6:15, when I just gave up.  So I left without it and told Joe that I was unable to find it, but I would look again after my morning kung-fu lesson.

I did a quick walk up to the first road up the mountain and back.   Not a very long walk, but just enough to warm up for kung-fu.   After kung-fu  I found The Green Spartan Pancake in the one cabinet I could not get open earlier in the morning, so I went for a second walk up the mountain after kung-fu, before walking to the office.

Here is the real crazy thing; I am starting too actually like walking, up here…   I think something clicked in my head over the weekend during my two 10-mile days.  It’s too early to know for sure…  But we will see…

After getting to Spartan HQ this morning I received a ‘pep-u-up’ package from my good friend Lauri, who lives in back in Atlanta!  Thank you so much…  This could not have come at a better time…  I miss my peeps in Atlanta very much, and look forward to coming home and going out and have all kinds of fun with you like, camping (Sorry I missed the last one), hiking, and exploring everything Atlanta has to offer!



Today is day 28 here at Spartan Camp, I cannot believe that I have been here four 4 weeks all ready.   Looking back on the last 4 weeks, there have been some highs and some lows.

Most of the lows have been self-induced, like missing my friends and co-workers in Atlanta, and adjusting from living in major metropolitan life to living in a small town, and getting used to being the one who is asking for help instead of the one offering to help.

Enough with the lows, the highs have been great, like having a walk with over 900 feet of elevation change, walking over 20 miles in a weekend, breaking the 50% total weight loss barrier, and being able to hang from a pull up bar for the first time in my life.   I have also had to try things like kung-fu, bikram yoga, chopping wood with an axe, and climbing across a bridge that was made out of old I-beams, and wooden planks.

As far as my weight goes I started here at Spartan Camp weighing 388lbs, as of this morning I am down to 339.2 giving me a weight loss of 48.8lbs or an average of 1.7lbs a day.   I am a little nervous about hitting my goal of getting down to 200lbs by September 1st, because the weight loss has slowed down over the last few days, but it is still coming off and that is the important thing for me to keep in mind.   To make my goal I will need to continue to lose 1.2lbs a day, is this possible?   To be honest, I don’t know, but I am going to keep trying and we will see what happens.

I have learned so much about myself of the last 4 weeks, it make me wonder what I will learn over the next 4 weeks?   Will I be able to keep up with my weight loss goals?   Will my body continue to be pushed hard with without breaking?  Will my mind break and start to play tricks on me…   It will be interesting to see…   I will let you know in 4 weeks.

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4 Responses

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    Chris, you’re doing great!

    Don’t worry so much about what is coming up, it could poison your progress, just take it one day at a time, keep on your goals and adjust as needed. You’ve got a great support system for keeping your diet, exercise, and progress in line.

    You may be hitting a small plateau, but I’m sure as you get more into the Bikram Yoga and the Kung-Fu, plus going for longer walks with more weight, you’ll likely hit a week where you might lose a lot more than 2 pounds because your body is ready to give up the weight. In my journey, I was discouraged a few times leading up to my skydiving date, but then I changed something, broke the monotony, and destroyed the weight with plenty of time. I don’t see Joe and company allowing you to get too comfortable ;-)

    On the food, I would be willing to put money on you getting sick the very first time you TRY eating the food you used to, like full on gastric distress, plus just feeling disgusting after eating. For me, the smell of the food comes through my pores and I just feel greasy all over when I eat something from my old diet.

    You’re doing great, keep it up! You’re getting even more self-motivated…that is the true sign you’ll succeed! YOU CAN DO THIS!

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    Hey Chris,
    Glad to see another post from you. Don’t worry so much about hitting the weight goal by a certain date. As long as the number on the scale is going down you are moving in the right direction. Focus on how far you have come and all those milestones you are hitting that aren’t scale related. You are going to kill it at the beast in September!

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    Incredible! Chris, your Atlanta friends all miss you too, but we don’t have amazing Vermont and hardcore coaches to distract us :)

    I don’t care what the scale says, you’re rockin’ it. Keep it up and the weight will follow when it wants to.

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    Chris… Good to hear you are confronting the TV commercials where you can’t accidentally get caught up in the hype. Real food tastes better.
    I’m sure you can knock your goal of 200# out of the park, but if you get to Sept 1 and are sitting at 207, you had better not have a pity party… just keep working to get the last 7 pounds off.
    Diana and I are making the food choice changes over the next couple of weeks, and will switch to formal exercise after the move, but good news is that Canton has an award-winning municipal fitness center with a lap pool, therapy pool for exercise classes, lazy river, and an ergonometer (Arm Bike) that Diana can use.

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