by Carrie Adams

When Chris Davis drove into Pittsfield to embark on his weight loss journey, Spartan was ready for him.  The Spartan Coaching program, which is actively being developed under the watchful and thoughtful eye of Dr. Jeff Godin, who also happens to be a Death Racer, was ready for him.

The program  was developed and ultimately designed to help Davis transition through his journey deliberately and with measurable goals accounting for the various stages he’ll go through physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here is the breakdown.

Stage 1: (April 11-May 1) (Goal: 10 mile walk, Bikram yoga, lose 40 lbs)

Enthusiastic beginner (D)-A new athlete is usually motivated, enthusiastic and excited about the opportunity to do something new and move to a new place. This person is already very motivated, requiring only a limited amount of support from Spartan. What the person doesn’t have is much information about the tasks and-what exactly is needed, how best to approach the task, etc. They will listen during this period extremely well.

How: (Kung Fu, Raw food, walking with pancake)

Stage 2: (May – June1) (Goal: 20 mile walk, 4 Bikram yoga classes in a row, lose 40 lbs.)
Disillusioned learner/student (D2)-This stage of a transition occurs when “the honeymoon is over.” At this stage, the initial excitement of their new life has worn off, and some aspects of the Joe’s tasks have proved more difficult than originally anticipated. Because the athlete is still learning and has little to show for his or her effort, the difficulties new pain are especially frustrating. Expect the student to become vocal about his/her frustration and start to look for outside confirmation of the logical reasons he should quit.

How: (Kung Fu, Raw food with introduction of SOME other food, walking with pancake, swim 2 hours)

Stage 3(June 1-Aug15) (Goal: back to back 20 mile walks, Seven Bikram yoga classes in seven days, lose 60 lbs.)

Capable but cautious contributor (D3)-Once new athlete is completing a big task successfully, they demonstrate that they will reach their goal. But having only completed small success, the new athlete hasn’t had enough time to gain confidence in their abilities. As a result, the athlete tends to be overly cautious and reluctant to repeat their success with the job.

How: (Kung Fu, Raw and healthy foods, short jogs, Bikram Yoga)

Stage 4(Aug15-race day) (Goal: jog 20 miles, complete two Bikram Yoga classes in one day, swim five hours)
Self-reliant achiever (D4)-At this stage of development, an Athlete has demonstrated competence and commitment to doing the job that was asked of them, and has essentially become self-managed and can not only maintain their new life but might now help others.

How: (jogging with pancake, Bikram yoga, diet will depend on where we are weight wise)


-Ideally long walks, jogs will take place on Sundays.

-There will be many days that more work is added than planned.

-The targets will be “moving” based on small successes noticed.

-Days off will be active swimming


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