My Journey to Sparta – The Chris Davis Project

by Jason Jaksetic and Chris Davis


Yesterday when I said it was going to be an interesting day, I had no idea just how interesting the day would have turned out.

After I wrote my blog, I did some looking back on my run keeper account and found that that my 5.18 mile walk to the Spartan HQ office was the longest walk I have ever completed. I love the fact that I am breaking all of my previous records for walking up here.  Records are made to be broken.

Later in the day yesterday I had my first interview with a newspaper reporter. It is a surreal experience knowing that every word you say is being recorded, and will be used to make a story.   To say it’s a cool feeling is an understatement, and I feel nervous to see how it comes out.

After the interview, I got back to the office and Joe told me the words I had feared all day, “Chris, you get you walk back to the lodge tonight.”

I know the walk this morning for the most part was downhill, so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to the walk back home. Over five miles uphill on an empty stomach were in store for me.  With this on my mind, I started on my way back to the lodge.

I have been walking on the roads for two weeks now and I have only seen a couple of people that I know as I walk, but today was different.  It seemed like everyone I knew in town stopped by and asked if I wanted a ride back to the lodge, and I passed every time feeling like someone was testing me to see if I was going to give up.

I am glad to say I passed.  I made it all the way back to the lodge under my own power. After it was all said and done, I walked over 11 miles yesterday. A new personal record. Two records in one day… what a great feeling.



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    Well done! Your journey to Sparta
    is an inspiration to me and my own trip…You are amazing! Keep it up!

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    Great job, Chris. Keep looking for and accepting the challenges that come your way. Without them, life gets boring.

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    WOO HOO!!!!!!! Geeze and to think I am having issues walking consistantly around our little block here at lunch at the XOC, ok I gotta do better, now i feel like you are watching me from over there! LOL

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    You have some tough moments ahead, but that is exactly what they are, moments.
    Compared to the weight of flesh and sorrow you lived with for so long, the steps you are taking toward your goals are painful, but brief. I KNOW you will do this, because your bravery will not allow any other result.
    much love,

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