by Beth Connolly

Here on the blog we honor those who take action for what they believe in, who push themselves beyond the limits they might imagine for themselves.  Terry Hitchcock is one of those people.

In 1996, Hitchcock ran the equivalent of 75 marathons in 75 days, starting from St. Paul,  Minnesota and finishing in Atlanta, Georgia.  Why?  Because he felt compelled to raise awareness about the challenges faced by single parents all over America.

Hitchcock, raised by his grandparents, tragically lost his wife to breast cancer in 1984.  She left him with a broken heart and three young children to raise.  Hitchcock and his children struggled through the pain of single parenthood, leaving Hitchcock convinced that this issue deserved greater coverage.

So he embarked on his epic and ambitious journey, running on highways and country roads, alongside townspeople running with him and past those who came out to cheer him on.  He didn’t stop until he made it to Atlanta and his message made it to the American media.

Now, Indiewood Pictures commemorates his story with a film, My Run, debuting one night only–March 31, 2011.  The Washington Post says, “This powerful and uplifting documentary exemplifies a commitment to something greater than yourself and achieving something deemed impossible.”  Check out the trailer below.

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