by Anthony Adragna


Good news for runners around the world. Researchers have now found that jogging could actually benefit the knee, reversing years of thought that repeated running could damage the joints.

Scientists at Boston University began by looking at people with knee arthritis, and found that very few of those people had a history of running. Then, they looked at people who ran often and found that few of them had a higher rate of knee arthritis than usual.

At the same time, researchers in Sweden found that exercise, including jogging, could benefit the joint. Two groups of people were included in the study. One jogged and exercise; the other didn’t. Those that exercised actually showed an improvement in their knee cartilage. Another American study found that exercise stimulates the knee to repair minor damage.

Now, there are some caveats to the results. People who are overweight could damage their knees by exercising too quickly while trying to lose weight. If you have had knee surgery recently, running could actually increase your risk of injury.  Additionally, running a rapid pace— five or six minute miles— could damage the knee.

The best advice is to run at a moderate pace, for however long you like.

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