IOC makes room for Obstacle Racing in the 2020 Olympics

by Jason Jaksetic

There have been many recent developments in Olympic history, and if you couldn’t keep up, here is a breakdown.

The good news first.

1. Everyone got to learn about modern pentathlon.  One does not often discover an Olympic level sport that somehow integrates shooting, swordplay, horse jumping, running, and swimming. My mental imagery goes somewhere between superheroes and samurais. This is great, and I’m not going to suggest the IOC put the pentathlon back on the chopping block, which was the original plan by some accounts.

2. The I.O.C must have caught wind of our bid to bring obstacle racing to the 2020 Olympics. We understand there has to be the limit to the sports in the olympics.  Otherwise there would be backyard sports in the Olympics  like horseshoes and trampoline…

Wait, incase you haven’t heard, trampoline is an Olympic sport and will remain an olympic sport while…

3. Wrestling is out of the Olympics. At Spartan HQ, we are still grappling with this, as Spartan Race has a close connection with wrestling.

In our first eBook (download it for free), there is an entire chapter written about a future Olympics, with a cast of characters that includes wrestlers and obstacle racers training, and possible competing against each other.

The imagery is no figment of our imaginations.  In 2009, Spartan HQ, located in Pittsfield Vt., was host for one of the United States Wrestling Team’s training camps. Here is an article that details the week of wrestler’s chopping wood and carrying logs in the Vermont Mountains (video here).

Jeff Funicello was put on the round table of Spartan Coaches because of his extreme understanding of fitness through his success in international level wrestling, grappling, Judo, and other competition forms that have lead him to so many world championships.  (Here is a list of all his world championships).

Recently, in 2013 there was wrestling at a winter Death Race.

Wrestlers make an amazing obstacle racers.  They make great people.  We’ve seen many lists lately of presidents, generals, and all around hero types who thrived as wrestlers.

Dismayed at the decision of the IOC, we are hoping you will join Spartan Race in support of bringing wrestling back to the Olympics.

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