by Carrie Adams

When we get emails and letters from Spartan finishers we are inspired by their individual journey’s and how they’ve changed because they’ve committed to a healthier life, they’ve pushed their limits, and they’ve overcome obstacles to find out what they are capable of accomplishing. 

This story touched us, because it had an effect on a whole family…

Meet Johnathan Spoonmoore and hear his family’s story.  Johnathan recently finished the AZ Super Spartan and inspired a family along the way. 

john2Both my parents were athletic and fit at a younger age. My Mom played high school sports and so did my dad, who after school joined the United States Marine Corps while my Mom stayed at home to raise children. After the military life both continued and increased their smoking and didn’t keep up with staying healthy on a daily and long term basis. I myself have been in sports most of life as well as going to the gym and staying personally healthy on a daily.

I came across Spartan Race through a friend who was interested and shared it with me(but has still yet to race!). About a year later I signed up for my first race, the AZ Super Spartan. I knew this race was a big deal and a huge accomplishment but much more came out of it than i had expected. After months of training, it was race day and i gave it all I had crossing the finish line.

After many congratulations and hugs the news was out, my Dad had signed not only me, but himself for next years race here in Arizona. He has decided that he is going to quit smoking, after so many years, and get into shape to run next years race with me. There was more.  My Mom also decided she wanted to quit smoking and get into shape to race as well, so we got her signed up. They have already began their journey with putting down the cigarettes and preparing to get their workout on.

It is not just the race but the need for them to change their lifestyle and add years on instead of taking them off. A huge, immeasurable, thank you goes to Spartan Race and the Spartan family. With everything they have brought forth the change has already started and I don’t believe it would be happening right this second if it wasn’t for this organization and it’s followers. We cant wait to see you all next year with our new and improved selves.

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    Wonderful story. It will be an inspiring story to see you all cross the finish line. Please provide pictures when it happens.

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    Your mom is going to love it! Thanks for sharing!

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