by Logan Tobias

Just over a year ago, the 24th of July, I completed my first Spartan race. It was the Palmerton Sprint and I loved it. I loved it so much that I decided to train for more Spartan races, but before I could really start training, I had to get away from the life that was controlling me. I used drugs and alcohol on a daily basis and it got to the point that I was using drugs every day about three to four times a day.

On the 24th I woke up and I had many missed calls because it was a Tuesday and I was supposed to be at work at 8am, but instead I was hungover and still high from the drugs I had the night before. At that moment I told myself I was no longer going to be a slave to the drugs and I was going to take back my life. That was exactly one year ago and I haven’t looked back, I have remained drug free and alcohol free since then and am still, I don’t plan on giving up because I know that I am a Spartan! Spartan’s never retreat, never surrender!

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    Congrats Logan. You’re an inspiration for many and hopefully others see that progress is one step at a time! Best of luck!

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