[Editor's note: We regularly get stories from our Spartans all over the world telling about their Spartan stories.  Everyone has a reason, an inspiration, and we want to share one Canadian's story.]

My Canadian Spartan Race

by Joshua Styles

It all started in Ottawa, Ontario where I participated in my first SR and it was a challenge like I have never experienced before, and one that I wanted to do again and again.

So after completing my first obstacle race I didn’t do as well as I expected to do, so I had to change my approach to training.  This included, more mud, more hills, and more obstacles. So I continued my training as I had goals that I wanted to accomplish at the next race in New York. With the proper training I was able to reach my goal of finishing in top 20 of my age group and in top 10 of my heat. So when I came home I set new goals for the Texas race, I wanted to finish in top 10 in my age group, top 30 over all, and top 5 in my heat.

I am pleased to say I was 1st in my heat, top 30 over all and 8th in my age group, my training partner and I represented our Country with pride :)

As the only Canadians at the Texas event, we were expecting to be treated as outsiders and with hostility, but we were embraced as equals, and treated with dignity and respect. At one point of our heat, a Spartan joined me at top of heat and said f@ck you Canadians are fast, this motivated me even more to push harder as now I felt like I was representing a country!  Not very many people smile during Spartan Races, but at that moment I could not help but smile.

I thought it would be for only a moment, but I seized that moment and made it last for whole race, than came the obstacle with the 150 foot rope over the water, with my country logo on my shirt, and in my heart i knew like every obstacle prior I would give it my all.. It was a struggle to say the least, but than out of no where, the crowd starting chanting “Go Canada Go” in Texas of all places. I was so motivated to finish that I completed that task like every one prior and continued onto the finish line with sheer determination and pride that I represented not only myself, but my country with honor and discipline.

I want to thank the SR organizers for putting on this event, you have created one of my best memories to date and something that I will take with me to the grave.  I look forward to this up coming season and hoping to get down to as many races as I can, as this year I have all new sets of goals that include the Beast in Ottawa, and Super in Montreal.


“Pain is temporary, quiting lasts forever”

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    My Canadain Brother – AROO, AROO, AROO

    This is what being a Spartan Means, fighting as one together on the battle fields, training hard and pushing up those hills, over those walls! clinging to ropes and pushing yourself beyond all that is measurable.

    I ran a Spartan Sprint last year in Calgary, and became a Spartan! Being a Spartan showed me true meaning of doing what you never thought was possible. This year, the beast in Ottawa, a sprint in Calgary (plus the hurricane heat) Super Sprint in Squamish

    See you in Ottawa for the beast!


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    planning on doing my first spartan race June 2nd, i am not in my best shape. how bad is it?

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    hey guys, thanks for posting my story, it made my day.. Ottawa is ready and waiting for you guys to set up camp.. I have my gym all pumped up and were gonna issue a challange to our neighbour gym, loser does burpees for 7 mins in front of other gym :)

    Capital spartans will be training full gear and welcome all challanges :) Last month was push up month, this month is sit ups, next might be running month :)



    “Pain is weakness leaving the body”

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