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sidelineHenry Ostaszewski, 42 isn’t looking to reclaim any former glory he’s experienced on the football fields at Florida State or while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s looking for something else, something that Spartan Race can do for him. The Sourcing specialist/Account manager for says that Spartan represents something he’s passionate about and so is his company.

He says, “Our team MFG’s new senior leadership took the initiative to put a team together and the company encourages a healthy lifestyle and work/ life balance. It seems like companies often talk about it and publish it on their HR platforms but very few actually stand behind the print and actually encourage it from the top down!”

The father to two talented athletes in their own right, Daughter Brooke, 12 who excels at volleyball and son, Ben, 9 a basketball player recognizes the importance of a healthy life and he’s reclaiming his own.

“Football as a career puts a lot of damage on your body,” he explains, so his time after IMG00319-20100106-1116 (3)sport has been dedicated to sports in the outdoors and of the adventure variety. “Snow boarding, surfing skateboarding, hiking, being outdoors, kayaking…that’s my passion.”

But the last four years he seemed to lose touch with that activity. “The last four of five years I got sedentary and I’m going this year to finish and next year to compete.” He goes on to say, “This race –it selected me. I’ve been asked by groups to join a team and do a race and I’ve just not felt ready. It’s just the right timing.”

1x1 henryHe wants his kids to see him in action and he wants to grow his own dream foundation that encourages kids to get outside, get active and take better care of themselves and this is another step in the right direction.

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    Rock it out Bro… I’m right along side you. Next year we will be ready to compete.. have a great time, enjoy the teamwork!
    Your womb~mate,
    Joe O…

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    Hello Henry,
    I can relate. Never reached your level in ball but played and am now suffering, not from football but from the lack of continuous exercise that was required for me to play. I was a little guy, ate big guys like you at 5’7″, :) . I plan to Spartan in September and your comments are inspiring. I now have grand kids, want them too to see how much fun staying in shape can offer. Keep it going, I will.

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    Great job, love you and good luck
    I know you can do it remember
    I CAN and I WILL

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    Jul11Jason I have been so close to wearing my Vibrams to work. If women can wear oenepd toed backless shoes, i don’t see why i couldn’t wear my other pair of all black Vibrams. They are quite comfy. And thanks for taking the time to comment. Hopefully you start a trend.

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