[Editor’s note: On a daily basis, we receive emails from racers who have taken part in a Spartan Race.  Today, I got this email from Adam who just wanted to share his story and how the race experience he had changed him.  Asking only that we not use his full name, he let us share his story with our readers.  In his own words and with no edits, here’s Adam’s Spartan Story.]

toronto-20So I wanted to share my story with you…I didn’t want to paste in on Facebook or somewhere for the rest of the world to see as it is you I owe a debt not them. Doubtless you have had more dramatic stories sent to you…but this is mine and I can’t change it.

I am a cop…I have been for quite some time. I love being a cop but sometimes it can be more than a little demanding. I used to be quite a reasonable athlete…used to be…about 16 years ago maybe! But the demands of my job have got in the way, particularly some of my more recent roles. On the 1st July I stood on some scales and saw the number 276 staring up at me.  I am 6’4″ and have a strong build but that was ludicrous. I was scared. I was also struggling to get my breath when going up stairs.
I wouldn’t say I am lazy but sometimes I need to motivate myself. That is where you come in. I found this site and wondered if I could do it. On Sunday I ran the Spartan Sprint in Redhill, London. And I loved every damn second from start to finish. It was actually my birthday (us Spartans are strange people….) and I went to see my parents afterwards with the most ridiculously big smile…and a substantially smaller waist (about 50 lbs lighter).

I am truly happy…I feel great…there are many things that contribute to this but one of the most significant, although you have been totally unaware is Spartan Race.
No surprise…I am booked in for next year already…and I am bringing friends with me.
I have also seen that there is a Beast over here next year…..I can’t help but think I am going to be there too…it is going to take a lot of work but I want it, I want it a ridiculous amount.

Anyway, I wanted you to know what you have done for me and I wanted to say thank you. So thank you.

At the finish line…I knew.

Best wishes…see you next year.


If you have a Spartan story you want to share, email me carrie@spartanrace.com and it may end up featured in our blog.

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