Spartan Race – Washington, DC preview

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After years of waiting, Washington, DC will finally host a Spartan Race. Well, actually, Maryland will, but the District is buzzing about the opportunity to compete in the “Washington, DC Spartan Sprint.” The only other time DC had a race this close was the 2012 Super Spartan in Leesburg, VA, an extra long, 10.5-mile course [...]

Spartan Race Welcomes Chad Trammell to the Pro Team

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Spartan Race is proud to announce the latest addition to the Spartan Race Pro Team, Chad Trammell. Of 12 races, he has taken podium places 9 times. A highly enviable achievement. Speaking of his signing onto the team, Chad said, “It feels great! I have so much respect for the athletes on the team, and [...]

How To Perform Dips Presented By:

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How To Perform Dips Presented By:  Obstacle Race training requires more than just running ability. It requires a well balanced amount of upper body strength as well. Continuing to build up our repertoire of exercises that can be used in building the muscles necessary to complete obstacles, today we will learn the proper form [...]

Sport your Spartan Day!!!

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Today Spartan Race hit a landmark of 4million Facebook fans! YOU made that happen and because of you we are going to celebrate being Spartans by cranking out 30 burpees all across the globe. Grab your friends, grab a camera, and get some video footage of yourselves doing 30 burpees! Spartan Citizen Cody Allen got [...]

How To Perform A Pull-Up Presented By:

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How-To Perform a Pull-Up Presented By: When training for the many obstacles that present themselves at a Spartan Race there are a myriad of exercises that can help you to overcome them. Today we will be looking at the Pull-Up, a commonly difficult exercise that proves extraordinarily crucial in developing obstacle immunity. Working at [...]

Joe Desena Speaks at Body Black Belt Summit

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“Spartan Races own Joe Desena will be a guest speaker at the The Body Black Belt Health & Wellness Summit. Elevate your health and take your body to the next level by joining Joe along with fellow guests Dr. Will Tuttle, Dr. Izabella Wentz, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Carolyn Dean, Dr. Daniel Benor, [...]

Our Favorite Spartan Venues

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Discussion came up recently around everyone’s favorite Spartan Race venues. We’ve *ALL* had this conversation, no doubt. But when you sit down and think about it, it’s really not that easy to keep it to a list of just five. Everyone around the office has their own favorites for various reasons, just as racers do. [...]

Spartan Race Announces Additional Races at Select Venues

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Would it be fair to assume that having the opportunity to get something extra is a good thing? Say, you expect ABC, but all of a sudden, D, E and F are there, wouldn’t you want to try those, too? Well Spartan Race believes that offering just that little bit more is something that all [...]

8 Ways You Know You Are a Pennsylvanian Spartan

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 If you’re from Pennsylvania, chances are you are already Spartan tough, just have a look at these eight signs that you’re a Pennsylvanian Spartan. 1. If there’s someone at the gym in a Redskins or Cowboys shirt, you WILL out-lift, out-jump and out-swim anything he or she does. And joggers wearing a Redskins or Cowboys shirt [...]

8 Ways You Know You Are A PacNW Spartan

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If you’re from the PacNW then being a Spartan comes quite naturally, just have a look at these eight ways that you know you’re a PacNW Spartan: 1. Rain makes it better. 2. You have seen possible sightings of Sasquatch while training. 3. Chopping wood has always been a normal exercise activity. 4. You have [...]