Welcome To Montana – The friendliest people in America?

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Last year, Spartan Race was embraced by the infinite warmth and hospitality of Kalispell. The inaugural Spartan Sprint that year will forever be remembered by not just the mountains, trees and views that just wouldn’t quit, but also by the generosity and friendliness of the community that welcomed Spartan racers from across the country into [...]


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For the fourth time, Spartan Race brought the Spartans to the sunny, hot, ever scenic Oleta River State Park for the Miami Super Spartan. It wasn’t just about surviving the heat in Miami. Competitors were thrown for a loop, encountering our newest iteration of the Monkey Bars obstacle, or should we say “Monkey Net”? That’s [...]

Hurricane Heat 12 Hour – Class 001 Las Vegas. The dawn of a new kind of pain.

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By: Casey Eischen This past weekend we took part in the first ever Spartan Race 12 Hour Hurricane Heat. Honestly, had Joe Di Stefano not invited me I would not have considered it but who am I to pass up that opportunity? I had never done a Hurricane Heat so I had no expectations, but [...]

Dear Joe – nurturing future Spartans

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Dear Joe, I was recently invited to Arrows Academy in Columbia, SC to speak to three classes of students about Spartans. My friend, Katie Norman, is a teacher there and is teaching the students history starting from creation. They are currently learning about Greece and more specifically Spartans, so I was invited to give some [...]

Spartan Race announces the 2014 Founder’s Race – Montana

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The rolling, endless hills. That glorious scent of the trees that plays on the nostrils evoking an urge to be at one with nature. Those seemingly infinite trees that seem to wave at you as you negotiate the trails. Where better than to hold the 2014 Founder’s Race than in the welcoming arms on Montana?  [...]

Spartan Race – Miami preview

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By Brakken Kraker Spartan Race returns to Miami this weekend, ready to break in a new and exciting venue. Oleta River State Park will host it’s first iteration of the Super Spartan, featuring 8+ miles of hot, humid racing. For the first time, Miami Spartans will be able to enjoy Spartan Race staples such as [...]

Spartans Are Respectful…Don’t Litter

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Littering and….littering and…littering…and stop littering the Spartan Festival Area! Every Spartan Race is a big event, with nearly 10,000 people showing up throughout the weekend we understand that a lot of trash is going to accumulate. We as Spartans do our best to make sure the course, the festival and everything in between creates a [...]

Spartan Race preview – Citi Field

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By Miguel Medina Reebok Spartan Race Preview:  Citi Field the modern day Coliseum The time has come Spartans! On April 12th and 13thSpartan Race is stepping off the trails and storming the gates at Citi Field, home of the Mets in beautiful New York City, not to mention that the weather for the weekend is [...]

Honorary Spartans – Gabriela “Gabi” Andersen-Schiess

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In 1984, the Olympic games were held in the glorious summer heat of Los Angeles. Records were being broken, Carl Lewis was grabbing four gold medals on his path to becoming arguably, the greatest ever Track and Field athlete and British athlete, Daley Thompson, would go on to set a new Decathlon record. Away from [...]

New Pro Team member – Glenn Racz

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And just like that, another powerhouse bursts onto the scene leaving a trail of destruction behind him. Spartan Race is proud to announce the newest addition to the Pro Team – Glenn Racz. Perhaps more recognizable as the man from American Ninja Warrior and the man that can run a 4:12 mile and a 5K [...]