Dear Joe – Nathaniel Fuentes

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Dear Joe, My name is Nathaniel Fuentes and I’m a Santa Clara Pueblo Native (Tewa) from New Mexico. From 2003 until 2013 I was a massage therapist/bodyworker, when in 2013 I decided that I wanted to expand who I was and what I could become. My career as a therapist is something that I could not complain [...]

Spartan Chicked – Spartan is the new skinny

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For generations, women have felt immense pressure to be thin. We have felt inadequate as we compare our bodies to those of the women displayed in magazines, on TV, and on the runway. We are lead to believe that we are not beautiful if we cannot attain the unrealistic figures of the rail thin women [...]

Connecticut race review

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By Pro Team Member Tiffanie Novakovich One of the main aspects of the Spartan Race that is hammered home time after time is that if you choose to take part, you should expect the unexpected. You can watch past videos, you can check out the dozens of online photo albums and you could even talk [...]

Welcome To Temecula

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Arguably one of the most anticipated, popular, and well-visited venues of the Spartan Race calendar is the glorious surroundings of Vail Lake, Temecula in Southern California. Boasting not only mountains and hills that simply refuse to quit, but a range of different types of terrain that will constantly keep you guessing. It’s the ideal place [...]

Utah Race Review

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By Elite Spartan Racer Cody Moat Hills that don’t quit? Check. Relentless sun baking the venue? Check? Breathtaking scenery from the tops of aforementioned hills? Absolutely. The occasional curve ball thrown in to keep Spartan racers on their toes? Ah yes – we must be in Utah again. Spartan Race’s annual visit to Soldier Hollow [...]

Brian Duncanson – a born fighter

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Meet Brian Duncanson. One of the very few that initially sat around Joe Desena’s kitchen table with a handful of others when the idea of Spartan Race was born. Adventurer, tennis player, sports fan, all-round good guy. At the beginning of this year, he took his first steps on a trip that he neither asked [...]

Spartan Chicked – The Buddy System

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Each Tuesday I rise early to quietly prepare for my morning run, careful not to disturb the rest of my sleeping household. Once ready, instead of simply stepping outdoors and traveling through my own neighborhood to complete my training for the day, I instead hop into my Jeep and drive twenty minutes south to a [...]

Utah Beast race preview

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By Spartan Elite Cody Moat Spartan race is coming to the mountains of Utah for the second Beast of the 2014 season. I hope you’re ready for a long grueling course at an elevation of over 5,000 ft. above sea level. The venue comes to Soldier Hollow near Midway, Utah, located at the base of [...]

Connecticut Race preview

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By Pro Team Member Tiffanie Novakovich Brace yourselves, Nutmeggers! Spartan Race will make its Connecticut debut June 28, 2014. Hosted at the Mohegan Sun resort, a lavish Vegas-style hotel and casino, this Spartan Sprint will prove to be a first-class muddy event. The tourist town of Uncasville is located in the foothills of Eastern Connecticut, along [...]

Welcome To Ohio

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Spartans like a challenge. Of that, there is no doubt. That’s why you are here, reading this page and preparing yourself mentally and physically for the next race. Spartan Race will always continue to push boundaries and that’s why we’re challenging those who are aiming for a Trifecta, to do it in one day. That’s [...]