Dear Joe – Bruno Grimaldi

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Dear Joe, John Bruno Grimaldi’s Story: a true Spartan in my eyes! Bruno is a loving husband to my oldest sister Kelly, and father to 2 year old Dean. He works as a Diesel Mechanic at Yard Trucks in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Not long after Dean was born, on October 30, 2011, Bruno was initially diagnosed with [...]

Fitness through compassion – how going Vegan saved Michael’s life.

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Michael Mendoza wasn’t always the rippling torso of sinew and muscles that he is now. One fateful day, only 30 yards into a 10k that he’d signed up for and not trained for at all – despite his lethargic attitude to life – he realized that taking his body for granted was a dangerous thing [...]

Spartan Race preview – Las Vegas 2014

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On the Las Vegas Strip, opulent waterfalls, sky scraping hotels and lush retreats abound.  On The Strip, you could almost forget that this bustling city began simply as a dream in a desert. Yes, a desert. This Saturday, thousands of Spartans will invade the infamous Sin City for the second-ever Las Vegas Super, which make [...]

Spartan Race announces new official Pro Team member – Isaiah Vidal

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Spartan Race is pleased to announce the official signing of Isaiah Vidal to the Spartan Race Pro Team. After aiming for this goal for some time, the son of Marble Falls, Texas was clearly elated at having reached what he was aiming for. “You can’t accomplish goals by doing them half ass. Look to the [...]

Out And About – Welcome to Citi Field

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By: Tony Matesi CITI FIELD Welcome to the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, the Queens borough of New York City. With a population of over 2.2 million people in Queens alone, the borough represents over 100 nations and speaks over 138 different languages. Don’t worry you won’t need a translator, English is [...]

Hawaii delivers yet again – Spartan Race Aloha Stadium report

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By Brakken Kraker Spartan Race returned to Hawaii this past weekend, arriving for the Aloha Stadium Sprint in Honolulu. As advertised, the weather was beautiful and the course was excellent! Navy Federal Credit Union continued to show their unbelievably generous support for our sport, providing a $7,500  purse for the top 3 men and women. [...]

Barbed Wire Tutorial – Buck Furpees!

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We’ve all been there. You duck under that first length of barbed wire and after having moved what feels like 20 yards, you look up and realize it’s closer to 2 or 3 feet. You take a peek over the wire and it seems like this crawl spans all the way into the next state. [...]

Raw Food

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Particularly around the holidays, we really get into food extravagance.  Extreme acts of desserts happen more than extreme bouts of exercising.  Equations of fitness we have been working into our bodies throughout the year unravel with smells from the kitchen.  Rapid caloric ingestions far outweighing our caloric expenditures happen, and hapen on many consecutive days. [...]

Dear Joe – Spartans in an unusual loving relationship.

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Dear Joe, She’s gonna kill me but… I had to thank you for putting on your Spartan Singles on Instagram. This is gonna sound crazy and it kinda is, I admit. However, well, I met the most amazing, gorgeous, genuine, inspiring, Spartan woman from this. We actually started talking on Valentine’s Day of all days [...]

Robert Mathews – One veteran, one functioning arm, no excuses.

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Robert Mathews of Sahuarita, Arizona was serving his country when he suffered an injury that cut his career short. Happy, but missing that certain something, he discovered Spartan Race. We caught up with him recently and spoke to him about his story. “Well it ain’t long, but ill share it. Without the gore! 2006 my [...]