40 Reasons You Shouldn’t Run a Spartan Race

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Women Spartan Race Tuxedo New York

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40 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Run a Spartan Race 1. You hate adventure. 2. You dislike the feeling of excitement you get when you try something new. 3. You don’t enjoy challenging yourself. 4.Fitness is not important to you. 5. You don’t enjoy getting together with friends. 6. You want nothing to do with camaraderie [...]

Dear Joe – Spartan is a family thing

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Dear Joe, My husband and I are going to do the Utah Beast and it has so much meaning to me for so many reasons. It’s going to be our first Beast, it’s going to earn us our first Trifecta, it’s will be our first race as part of the Weeple Army family, and my [...]

Knowledge base is here! All your Spartan Race questions answered immediately.

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Spartans! Big News! We’ve rolled out a new Knowledge Base of All-Things-Spartan, to help you answer any questions that you may have: https://spartanrace.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Check it out! There are two ways to access this Knowledge Base: 1)      Directly, via the link: https://spartanrace.zendesk.com/hc/en-us 2)      Via the Questions Tab, on the right hand of any page on Spartan.com [...]

Top Ten Race Day Essentials: The Spartan Chicked Edition

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“What should I pack for race day?” I’ve seen this question asked a million times by curious women as they anxiously consider how to prepare for their upcoming race. Some meticulously over pack, while others don’t realize until after passing over the starting line how much more they should have brought along. In order to [...]


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How long does it take to walk your dog? Fifteen, twenty, maybe even thirty minutes? That’s more than enough time to squeeze a small work out in. Walk your dog more than once a day? Even better! You may have never thought about it but walking a dog is already great exercise. You’re outside. You’re [...]

Welcome To San Francisco

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Could there possibly be a more glorious background for a stadium Spartan Sprint in the US? When you’re on the course, you can drink in the view of the San Francisco Bay to the east, historic Alcatraz to the North and the epic Golden Gate Bridge a little over 2 miles away. You’d have to [...]

Spartan Charity Race Vermont

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Run for a Reason! Tired of just running another race for a medal and t-shirt?  Spartan is providing an opportunity to race for MORE….  Sign up for the Charity Challenge and you can support your favorite charity …oh and you still get the medal, t-shirt and bragging rights! How do you get involved?  Gather your [...]

Pro Team Highlight – Matt Novakovich

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It was the Virginia Super of 2013. Hobie was in his prime and the Spartan Pro Team were a very recognizable who’s-who line up of OCR. From nowhere, an unknown racer named Matt Novakovich appeared on the scene by not just winning the race, but establishing a crushing margin of over six minutes. A flash-in-the-pan, [...]

TRIBUTE TO SPARTAN FATHERS, DAY 7 – Steve-o Opie Bones and Chasing Michael Mills

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Showing “tough love” is perhaps hard on the eye, but arguably the most sincere form of love a father can give. Taken directly from the same principle applied to boys in Sparta when they were trained to become warriors, the nurturing arm around the shoulders wasn’t always there. The long term lessons the child learned [...]

Dear Joe – Sean Fitzpatrick

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Dear Joe, Hello! As I’m sure you guys there are Spartan HQ receive a lot of these emails, I still wanted to share my story and how much of an impact your organization is. My name is Sean Fitzpatrick and a good portion of my life young life has been filled with struggles and setbacks, [...]