Spartan Race announces new Pro Teamer Rose Wetzel-Sinnett

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Spartan Race would like to officially announce the newest member of our Spartan Elite Pro Team, Rose Wetzel-Sinnett. Crashing in from Seattle to take the Spartan Race world by storm, Rose has impressed everyone with her fiery tenacity and her impossibly strong running skills.  Of the announcement, Rose couldn’t hide her delight, saying, “I feel [...]

Spartan Swimming 101

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Spartan Swimming 101 You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. – Edwin Louis Cole How much swimming are you incorporating into your training? Maybe it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new? Whether you want to actively recover from your normal routine, or introduce [...]

Dear Joe – Joe Cordova laughs at age barriers

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Joe Cordovax followed the Spartan WODs every day from November through January in order to prepare for the race in Temecula. Between 4am and 6am, 5 days a week, you’ll find him there. It’s here that he met Michelle Clark, who would be his team captain for the event in Temecula. Citing Michelle as his [...]

SpartanUp! Joe Desena wants you to get off that couch and do what you were meant to do!

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Joe Desena isn’t keen on lethargic attitudes and procrastination. Putting something off because you, “just want to see the end of this episode of Storage Wars” doesn’t cut it. Get out. Move. Do what a human is supposed to do. Work, sweat and get dirty. The Spartan Race founder shakes his head when he sees [...]

Jo Pearson; Forgetting the past to remember tomorrow.

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Jo Pearson doesn’t recall very much of her life before she turned 27. It’s not that she suffered a terrible accident or violent traumatic experience, it’s simply her coping mechanism. “All the days I spent before that life-changing year are cloudy memories that I have stored in the recesses of my mind.  I’ve locked them [...]

Spartan Race – Swimming: the forgotten activity.

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When one talks to friends and family about training, one activity often gets unfairly overlooked. Despite being arguably one of the better ways to get in shape, and more importantly stay that way, it remains bizarrely underrated. The activity we are talking about is swimming. The benefits of swimming are numerous and what’s more, it’s [...]

Wellcome gallery: Equal parts comical and horrifying – the days were surgery was quite “modern”.

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While America still wrestles with the idea of universal health care and many still groan at the idea of having to remortgage the house because little Billy needs an in-growing toenail removed, think yourselves lucky we live in an age where buttock cupping isn’t considered normal practice. Well, perhaps it is where you live, but [...]

Spartan Race Tutorial chapter 6: Tire flip

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By the time you get to the tire flip at a Spartan Race, you’ll have been worn down a little. We’ll have made sure that your legs have had some punishment and that your arms feel like they are full of cement. We’re trying to break you. You’re welcome. So, when it comes to flipping [...]

Out And About Welcome to Charlotte -

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By Jason Jaksetic Charlotte 101 Enjoy the sunny, southern charm of Charlotte while on a Spartan weekend this March. The Charlotte area is a picturesque backdrop for adventures, both on and off the course at Porter Farms. From NASCAR to art Museums, Charlotte has a diverse landscape of leisure and strenuous activity for you to [...]

Dear Joe – Shane Small

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The impact that Spartan Race is having on so many lives goes beyond that of the actual race. The lifestyle and mentality in forging people to become a healthier version of themselves is touching so many people. Seeing a stranger wearing the Spartan logo on their clothing instantly becomes a talking point and immediately you [...]