Spartan Fathers. Day 2 – Zackery Paben.

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Zackery Paben, the bearded warrior behind the More Hearts Than Scars charity, knows the joy of parenthood all too well.  After suffering a horrifying injury that saw him break his radius, ulna and losing the ends of seven of his fingers, his father taught him the principle of caring by showing tough love, something Zackery [...]

Race Recap – Monterey Beast.

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The first Beast of the season did not disappoint.  The hills at Toro Regional Park in Monterey seemed to get a little higher over the past year. Racers returning for the second year were remarking about how the course difficulty had increased from 2013.  The nearly 5,000 athletes that turned out on a perfect Monterey [...]

Tribute to Spartan Fathers. Day 1 – Daren De Heras

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As the year rolls around to a day of the year that is often overlooked, we wanted to give a shout out to those guys that you see on the course that, while striving to reach the finish line, have a greater goal in their lives. This, of course, is continuing to be the best [...]

Dear Joe – Devann Murphy says thanks

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Dear Joe, Thank you so much for all that you do.  Not only for regular athletes, but also for people like me. I was diagnosed with bone cancer of the right femur when I was 11-years-old. I underwent 18 months of intensive adult dose chemotherapy and 15+ surgical procedures, but I came out on top. [...]

Spartan Chicked – Defeat negativity with unity.

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A Call for Confidence: Building up The Spartan Woman “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle”.  This quote has been a favorite of mine for several years now, and I keep it close at all times as a constant reminder to continually strive to treat anyone I encounter [...]

Monterey Beast preview – the first Beast of 2014

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Written by Pro Team member Christopher Rutz This is it. It is what Spartan’s across the US have been waiting for all year long, the first Beast of 2014. This means an opportunity to finally earn that 2014 Trifecta and get the green ‘piece of the pie’.  Spartan Race will return to Monterey, California this [...]

Welcome To New Jersey

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Nestled in the bossom of the Mountain Creek Waterpark, set in the midst of 167 acres of glorious woodland trails, is the setting for the New Jersey Super Spartan. Hopefully your training will have included gnarly terrain on trails that will take in uneven ground, and you can appreciate that delightful way in which sunlight [...]

Tuxedo weekend part one – race review

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Written by Pro Team member Elliott Megquier Spartan Race really outdid themselves again, serving up the best course Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center has hosted in 4 years. The course was relentless with constant climbs of the mountain, carries of heavy obstacles, and crawling up a never ending hill under the barbed wire. Over 11,000 people [...]

Spartan Race – “How To” chapter 5: Inverted walls

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Spartan Pro Teamer Isiah Vidal takes us through how to complete the inverted walls and gives tips and coaching advice for how to prepare for them. Beat the obstacle and avoid the burpees!!

Pushing Limits: Distinguish Good Hurt from Bad Hurt

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Whenever you get yourself off the couch and start training it can be a difficult experience. We’ve all been there, whether you’ve never really done activity ever or you are an athlete who took a few months off. Maybe you are just getting back into it after overcoming an injury. Whatever the case may be [...]