Spartan Race – Swimming: the forgotten activity.

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When one talks to friends and family about training, one activity often gets unfairly overlooked. Despite being arguably one of the better ways to get in shape, and more importantly stay that way, it remains bizarrely underrated. The activity we are talking about is swimming. The benefits of swimming are numerous and what’s more, it’s [...]

Wellcome gallery: Equal parts comical and horrifying – the days were surgery was quite “modern”.

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While America still wrestles with the idea of universal health care and many still groan at the idea of having to remortgage the house because little Billy needs an in-growing toenail removed, think yourselves lucky we live in an age where buttock cupping isn’t considered normal practice. Well, perhaps it is where you live, but [...]

Spartan Race Tutorial chapter 6: Tire flip

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By the time you get to the tire flip at a Spartan Race, you’ll have been worn down a little. We’ll have made sure that your legs have had some punishment and that your arms feel like they are full of cement. We’re trying to break you. You’re welcome. So, when it comes to flipping [...]

Out And About Welcome to Charlotte -

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By Jason Jaksetic Charlotte 101 Enjoy the sunny, southern charm of Charlotte while on a Spartan weekend this March. The Charlotte area is a picturesque backdrop for adventures, both on and off the course at Porter Farms. From NASCAR to art Museums, Charlotte has a diverse landscape of leisure and strenuous activity for you to [...]

Dear Joe – Shane Small

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The impact that Spartan Race is having on so many lives goes beyond that of the actual race. The lifestyle and mentality in forging people to become a healthier version of themselves is touching so many people. Seeing a stranger wearing the Spartan logo on their clothing instantly becomes a talking point and immediately you [...]

Faith Ensminger – How one little girl stole hearts and conquered all she saw.

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Those butterflies, that gentle “bubbling” right down there in the pit of the stomach. That nervous energy that consumes you leading up to your first Spartan Race. The electric tingle that buzzes over you the night before and despite your best efforts, your mind won’t shut off.  You’re trying to imagine what the course will [...]

Sex is very good for you and here is why.

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OK, bear with me on this one. It’s a little out of left field and I wouldn’t want you to go thinking I’ve turned a little bit, well, “frustrated”, but when it comes to being healthy and happy, have you considered getting frisky with your significant other? Yes – I told you that I needed [...]

The official Reebok shoe of Spartan Race gets “The Bear” treatment.

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Because I have worn exclusively Inov8 Talons for the past 6 years with my mountain running career I will use these as a comparison.  I take pride in seeing if the Reebok “truly” is a better shoe. First: Fit.  I wear a size 10 and the size 10 was pretty darn close.  If anything I would [...]

Spartan Race – Singing the praises of Atlanta mud.

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By: Tony Matesi Welcome to Atlanta where the Spartans play, and we hang on them traverse walls like every day. Big Heats, fit Elites, see Spartans roamin’ and the festival starts at eight in the mornin’. Kicking off another extraordinary Spartan weekend for the 2014 season we saw another grueling Hurricane Heat that pushed participants [...]

Spartan Race – Let’s take a closer look at Colorado.

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By Tony Matesi FORT CARSON – SPARTAN MILITARY SPRINT  There is no better place than one of the most well known Army bases in the nation to host our Spartan Race Military Sprint. Named in honor of legendary Army scout, General Christopher “Kit” Carson, who explored much of the West in the 1800s, Camp Carson [...]