To promote the winter Olympics, subway stations in Russia are being outfitted with a ticket booth that accepts squats as payment. Knock out 30 and you ride for free.
Our founder Joe Desena liked the idea so much, he’s campaigning to implement a Spartan version that accepts 30 burpees in place of cash. We’re in talks with some major municipalities about the pilot program. Be on the lookout in New York City for Wall Streeters and Hipsters rocking out burpees in the underground very soon…
If you want to pay with burpees in your city, write you local representatives and tell them to Spartan Up!
Then get back to training – you have a race coming up!

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    That is AWESOME!

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    This is awesome!!!!!! Come do this in ATlanta this totally rocks!

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    I’d pay w a burpee
    But I don’t think there are that many people willing to get down
    And touch the ground – I think it’s kinda gross esp in N.Y.C. W
    Squats you stay on you feet -stick w squats :)

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    Yeah I’d love to see obese America trying to do Burpees. lol

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    I know burpees are harder than squats, but nobody want to touch the ground in a subway station. So squats make more sense for people not in the middle of a workout.

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    Wow, what a fantastic idea. Such a simple concept with potentially huge potential for promoting a healthier you.

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    I need in the Arlington va 22201

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    We should do more things like that to promote better health for people around the world. We have an epidemic of obese people that is pounding our healthcare system. Exercising is fun too !!! HURRAY

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    Awesome idea, sometimes we just need the right motivation to start. Just did 30 squats at home. As long as I can continue I know it will PAY OFF.

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    Why can’t they have this option everywhere? Or a way to get your Spartan race ticket free? Because I’d love to race, just don’t have the funds. I’d be up for it.

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    yayy !! I live in New York i”ll be looking for them …If possible can i be sent an email when they begin to install them .. I rarely ride the subway but i will just to check it out ! :)

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