Cooling Down:  Post Workout Stretch

If you are not flexible you are not fit.

- Joe De Sena

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    I’ve been working out intensely for several months now, but only recently started following the Spartan WOD. It’s amazing and I feel even better than before. Problem is, I can’t seem to get these stretches as well as I want to. Will it come with time? And how long should it take before I realize I’m not pushing myself enough? I can definitely feel it stretching, though.

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      This is very pro yoga level, it could takes months of practice to get here. Start slow, aka do a lunge but stop wherever *you* feel the stretch start. Don’t push yourself into these poses or you’ll just open yourself up to injury.

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        Great advice Tessa, thanks for jumping in. yes, Ryan, don’t rush! Ever. You’ve got a lifetime to gradually increase your ability to stretch! Relax into it.

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    I can’t quite tell the difference between the Triangle and Head to Knee – what am I missing?

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