Warming Up:  Pre-Workout Stretching

You are an idiot if you do not warm up before a work out.

- Joe De Sena

Thanks to yogi Jenny Wilson, Pittsfield Bikram Yoga, and www.HotDropApparel.com!

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    Any credit to Bikram here? Or mention of yoga?

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      Yep Brooklynbrew…we are on it. It was an oversite in the final draft, not an intentional omission. At Pittsfield HQ we are thrill to have Pittsfield Bikram Yoga Studio and we draw from it all the time. In this video was Jenny Wilson, a terrific yogi, appearing dressed, courtesy of http://www.hotdropapparel.com/

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    Hi guys, slight issue with the pre and post warm up pages, whenever I click on them from my email, everything BUT the warm up on the page comes up?? Not sure what im not doing, help?
    Much love

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    Iam newto theSpartan races and would love to run in a sprint this year. I am in “decent”shape at 43, however watching your warm-up stretches make me either want to laugh or cry. There is no way in hell I can stretch like that. I absolutely cannot have my chest on my knees on a forward bend. I understand that if I stretch every day I can get there, however it’ s a little dishearening and deflating to watch this video. Perhaps something that is a little more “real” for us folk would be great.

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      Don’t be intimidated! I’m 31 and I’ve done 3 Sprints, 2 Supers, and 1 Beast in the last 4 months and I cannot stretch like that! I think the key is to just warm up your body to the best of your ability so you don’t injure yourself during the workout. Good luck with your Spartan Sprint!! :)

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    I turn the big 50 in April 2014 and plan to “celebrate” by completing a Spartan race. I’ve been a runner for the last 20+ years but am currently recovering from a broken toe and a triple stress fracture. Can’t wait to start training! My goals are to a) finish the race – hopefully without injury or puking and b) not in last place. My Dad wants to be my coach but after a flashback to when he tried to teach me to drive but only made me cry, I think I’ll pass and look for professional help :) Good luck to you all!

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