by Carrie Adams

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Quentin Leadbeter, Aldie VA Winner

Name: Quentin Leadbeter

Age: 20

Hometown: Owings, Maryland

Occupation: Student – Naval Academy – did a year at Naval Preparatory Academy in Rhode Island.

Finish time today: 22 minutes (unofficial)

Hobie Call withdrew from today’s Virginia event knowing he needed extra time for the Death Race so it was known that we’d have a new male overall champion today Aldie, we had no idea he’d be so damn fast!

Quentin Leadbeter, accomplished wrestler and naval academy student showed up and ROCKED the course.  “Well, when I signed up for the race, I knew he [Hobie] was on his quest and I figured it would be fun to run against him and that he was taking a break to prepare for the Death Race. It would have been fun to run against him and give him a little competition.”

Leadbeter heads back to Annapolis Monday and his academic and athletic obligations leave his availability to participate in future races unclear.  “I am not sure if I can race – I might have a weekend off but it’s the military if I’ll have any time off. I may have no weekends off.”

Leadbeter is a recruited wrestler for the naval academy, which is close to his hometown and he appreciates the military aspect, keeping his sights on the Navy SEALS for his possible future career.   “The Naval Academy route is a good one,” says Leadbeter, “And it puts you on the right track.”

Training for Leadbeter is based primarily in his wrestling background but he regularly goes on weigh plate runs.  Four or five miles with 45lb plates.  He says, “I do odd things when I train that people don’t always understand but it works for me.  I’m a wrestler and I go to the gym a lot.”

For the wrestler who did the Warrior Dash recently in 17  minutes claims today’s event was much more challenging.  “I was cheated on that race” he says, “No way that was three miles.  Today was a lot longer – more enduring pain.”  He laughs, “The worst part I would have to say was crawling under the barbed way – it was a long, long, time. Rolling through and crawling through.  I have some scratches on my legs from that.”

If there was a chance to take on Hobie – he would do it. “If I can run anymore races this year I’ll definitely seek him out. Nothing much that I can do today.  I’m disappointed he didn’t come but I understand.  It is what it is, you just have to live life.”

We hope to see a face-off between Call and Leadbeter at an upcoming Spartan Race.  When asked what message he would have for Hobie Call he said simply, “Good Luck next weekend.  You have a target on your back.”  He continued, “I want him to do well, but for the sake of competition, somebody has got to run against him. Make him train that much harder.”

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    I can almost guarantee that I can beat Hobie he may be in shape but I’m an athlete and he’s not we’ll see when he comes back to Texas though!

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      Only a fool would run his mouth like this. For starters, to say Hobie Call is not an athlete is just absurd on so many levels I don’t know where to start. Put your money where you big mouth is and come race us in Sept in NY. I will personally love to put you in your place myself. Kevin Donoghue

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    Indeed, i agreed with the champion. It was very treaky and heck of a work out out there today. Just want to leave a message to all those folks heading for the top spots in the race, that’s where i’m heading. And i won’t stop until i get it. Watch out you all, Matt’s on it to win it.

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    I think there needs to be some Spartan love shown to my man Daniel Callan who was winning this race until he missed on spears and had to do burpees, which dropped him to third. That dude can FLY, okay? Runs a 4:10 mile and was eating up the Spartan Sprint until the last-obstacle burpees. Give Quentin his due, by all means. But know that Daniel Callan is a force as well.

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    If I recall corectly, the two leaders showed up to the paintball obstacle neck and neck, it wasn’t the burpies that one was overcome

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    Hobbie is most certainly an athlete, and I can not wait to race him In New York this september. AS a fellow ex world class athlete I am more than excited to brush off 4 years of dust and compete against the best in such a bad ass race as the super spartan.

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