SRFL_JJ_0531Tired of paying $25 for just ONE digital print from a race?

Do you love the amazing shots our photographers from Nuvision Action Image capture of you Spartans at races?

Next year you will beBeast fired! receiving all of your images at absolutely $0 cost for all US Races. Yes, that’s right, if you race a 2012 Spartan Race in the US you will be able to download every single one of your (full resolution!) digital images for FREE! There’s no catch or fine print. Spartan Race and Nuvision Action Image are redefining race photography!

This way more Spartans can capture their moments of glory on the battlefield.  Sign up today!


NOTE:  Free digital images are for US races only.

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    that is AMAZING!!! Nuvision Action Image has some of the BEST shots I’ve seen in ***ANY*** of these races ( Great photography in general – muddy race or not) and this is even more incentive for folks to get their inner SPARTAN on!

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    That is awesome! Just another reason why the Spartan Race ROCKS!

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    they just posted the 2012 Toronto Spartan Race pictures and they are not free. $33.95 for one full res picture. What gives??

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    How do you find your pictures that were taken at the spartan race in MA 2012

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    How can I get pictures of the Spartan Race Miami 2012, BIN 4135. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    i like this

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    hi i did the Sparton Race 2012 on December 2 2012 in malibu
    they told us our pictures will be taken for free but i cant find my pictures. my Bib number is 9083

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