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10,000 competitors and spectators from across the U.S. and several foreign countries representing every walk of life, age and stage and varying degrees of athletic abilities converged on Mountain Creek Waterpark (200 Route 94, Vernon, N.J.) to tackle the Super Spartan 8-mile obstacle race, presented by Dial For Men and Gaspari Nutrition on Sat., September 8 and Sun., September 9, 2012.

Team Braveheart

This race was hardly normal even in the Spartan world.  The theme seemed to be hills and water – the water coming by way of the course and the skies!   In the week leading up to the race, there were several bear sightings by the build crew and as the race edged closer, the weather reports indicated that it would be a story weekend of races.  Let’s talk about the course itself… 11 miles long and with over 3,000 feet of elevation gain over the grueling course it was not for the faint of heart.  Touted as one of our most challenging Supers of all time, the course spanned three mountains, the fastest time of the weekend clocking in at 1:47.  That’s almost 10 minutes per mile indicating the course difficulty.

Our friends at Gaspari Nutrition were on-hand in a big way.  Coming with their Team Gaspari Braveheart crew, of over 77 individuals they represented one of the largest teams of the year at a Spartan Race.  We told you about their story in a blog post last week leading up to the race.  Gaspari has been a sponsorship partner for Spartan Race throughout 2012 and Official Gaspari Nutrition® has handed out over 50,000 FREE drawstring mesh bags to our racers throughout the year with samples of their products.  We’ll have more on them later this week!

Jim Miller, UFC fighter and Sparta, New Jersey native who we told you about last week in this post, also made an appearance at the epic race.  He competed with the 10 A.M. heat and taking on all eleven miles with  a smile and a sense of humor, even joking on Twitter about taking the infamous 24 foot cliff dive instead of burpees!  The cliff dive was a notable part of the course this year.

There was another Spartan first, a “Tornado delay” brought by a massive storm system in the Northeast.  The tornado inducing storms struck Saturday, forcing some of the racers in later heats to leave the course early, one obstacle Spartan Races did NOT plan.  Despite the wild weather, what is being called a mini-Beast course, as well as the bear sightings, the 3,000 feet of elevation, and the 24″ free fall into a waiting pool, the Spartan Race was deemed a huge success.

September 8th Storm Cloud
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Huge thank you to our brave and awesome volunteers!  We can’t put on our races without you!   Also, a big thanks to our other sponsors for the Tri-State Super: Air National Guard, Inov8, Newton Medical Center, Franklin Sussex Auto Mall & Dodge RAM, Zico, and Body Armor.

Looking for results: Click HERE.

Photos from Race Day?  Here are two FB photo albums.

Super Spartan Tri-State: Saturday Race Day

Super Spartan Tri-State: Sunday Race Day

Your FREE Race day images coming soon from our friends at Nuvision Action Image.  

Can’t wait to race again?  We understand.  Click HERE and find your next Spartan finish line.

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    It was an epic day and truly great race this year, much more challenging than the Staten Island one from 2011. LOVED it! However, there is MUCH room for improvement. There were HUGE lines at the cliff jump and to do the ropes over the lake. Very disheartening to a runner who is trying to do their best time possible and to have to wait 15+ minutes for an obstacle. Personally I’d rather see those obstacles removed for next year if they can’t be speeded up. That or I’ll just forgo them and take my burpees so I can keep moving and not have the walkers I passed a half mile ago catch up because I’ve been waiting in line that long. Hoping that this can be avoided next year. Already registered and ready!

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    tri-state beast?

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    I agree on the cliff dive. The onstacle wasn’t the dive. That part is easy. I have dived off far higher. The obstacle was the LINE. I can’t stand waiting in line… to do something that isn’t a physical test. That was just silly in the Spartan format.

    Otherwise it was great fun! Nice job Spartan!

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    Race was very intense. Loved it. My legs were like jello about three quarters of the way. Ran the 8:00 am on Sunday. No lines on any obstacles. Loved all of the race. A few areas of improvement: 1) Port-A-Johns were near overflowing, no toilet paper, and not clean. Would have been nice to have map of the course afterward to show others what was involved. Not enough seating for spectators. My daughter loved the Kids Race. Would be nice to have something for family to do while waiting for racers to finish.

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