Has Spartan Race transformed your life? We want to know! Actually, the world wants to know!  So what is your story?

We are looking for men, women, and even Spartan kids whose lives have been dramatically changed by training and competing in Spartan Races! We’re looking for inspirational, no guts – no glory, you put your heart, sweat and tears into it kind of stories to feature on an upcoming Reebok commercial.

Sound like you? Tell us why! Submit a photo and tell your story in time for the July 13 – 14 Pennsylvania races!  Click HERE to get started.

By the way, there is still time to register!  Click HERE.  See you at the finish line!

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    Any opportunities at future events? How about the Midwest Super?

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    No inspirational story here. Would like to be inspired and become a Spartan. Someday…

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      you can be a spartan sign up, i did and i love it.

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      Your inspiration is in your own statement… “would like to be inspired and become a spartan” You already have a goal set. NOW it’s time to make a move and make it happen…. The scariest part is starting out. Once you go and get into the swing of it you will be so proud of yourself. You can do this!

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    My fresh/soph. Year of school I was picked on a lot for being fat. I was 341lbs. The summer going in to my junior year I started working out and watchimg what I eat. At first I only wanted to lose 70lbs. But then i just kept losing weight. My total weight loss was 150lb.

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    I have psoriasis and was never really athletic, Two executives took me under their wing at work along with some fellow co workers and they have pushed me beyond my limits, im not as fast as them i can barely run the entire race, but they waited for me , they cheered me on throughout this journey and i am forever blessed by their team effort. I feel like a true brother to my team now, we bleed and sweat together and they keep cheering me on even though im slow and weak, i am a spartan in training but they are the true spartan story not leaving me behind. I am a single father and im raising my two young sons to love this lifestyle. Watch out spartans as i will raise through these ranks and will one day hold the medal up high when my boys are old enough to run with me. this has forever changed my life as my psoriasis and diabieties has now become weak to my needs, no longer does it control me. all i can say is get off the couch and become a warrior with your fellow brothers and sisters and feel the chant when they start the race. … arrooooooo arrooooooo will be my call.

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    No awesome story here. But I used to be really good about working out – I jogged minimum 3x/week not just because I wanted to be fit but I have a minor heart condition and cardio keeps my heart strong & healthy (the other option is meds – yikes!). In 2009 I was in an abusive relationship; eventually, he kept me from going outdoors because he didn’t want anyone to look at me. And so I didn’t work out at all during the time I was with this guy, which luckily was only 7-8 months. But once I was “free”, I felt like my healthy years were gone – I even went on heart meds :( I didn’t attempt to work out until early 2011. It was extremely hard to get into a routine; I hated everything I tried. That was until Spartan came along :) I have been working out regularly BECAUSE I want to complete the Spartan race – the unintended (or unforeseen) effect is that I now feel like I did 5 years ago – I love jogging and it’s just a normal part of my life once again and I plan to keep it that way after I complete the Hawaii race next month :)

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