by Steffan “Cookie” Cook

Reebok SoCal Super Spartan Champion
Hobie Call

The first Reebok Spartan Race of 2013 is in the books!  The Reebok SoCal Super Spartan at Vail Creek Resort in Temecula, CA was a bit shorter than last year, but the roughly 8.5 mile course was considered even more difficult. The addition of a water obstacle and the punishing hills at Temecula made the event an awesome test of wills.

Rain was an unexpected obstacle on both Saturday and Sunday, making the treacherous terrain and obstacles like the monkey bars even more difficult to navigate. It also marked the first ever collaboration with Life as Rx for WODStock! More to come on that event in a later post, but it was quite a hit!

It was an exciting elite heat, with top male competitors Hobie and Cody battling it out for the top two spots. But Hunter McIntyre was hot on their heels, finishing less than a minute behind Moat. He’s emerging as a man to beat!


1. Hobie Call 1:13:20
2. Cody Moat 1:17:01
3. Hunter McIntyre 1:17:33

On the ladies’ elite side, the top three were all over the age of 30! Familiar face and last year’s female point’s leader Jenny Tobin placed second with TyAnn Clark edging her out for first. Local Fayre Morgan nabbed third.


1. TyAnn Clark 1:47:25
2. Jenny Tobin 1:50:55
3. Fayre Morgan 1:58:52

For full results, click HERE.

The biggest team, yet again, were the Weeple Army, boasting team numbers well into triple digits.  They were our 2012 biggest team, and they are gearing up for the same honors in 2013.

Some great moments unfolded at the Super Spartan.

There was a proposal at the finish line (she said yes!) and Spider Man 3 actor Tony Besson, who first took on the hills of Malibu, returned for the punishing hills of Temecula.

There was a great story behind the appearance of Midwest Super Sunday open winner and Montana native Greg Stewart. His car died in Salt Lake City around 3 AM but he still managed to get to the race start line by renting a car at the last minute!

Perhaps most impressive was Taylor Jackson of Palm Springs. On December 11th, 2011 he was involved in a serious car collision and as a result, had to be treated for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and left-side neglect. He was had broken ribs, fractured C1, C2, C3 vertebrae, collapsed lungs, and a host of other injuries. Together with his father Brian, he got physically fit again and often practiced running up to six miles to prepare and he crossed the finish line on Sunday!

We’d like to recognize our friends at Livestrong who took on the course, the crew from Biggest Loser, and Project Hope Alliance who brought 30 homeless children to take on the Kid’s Race.  With a medal, shirt, and lunch and transportation, we’re told they had a great day at the races!  Thank you to our volunteers for helping us make it a great weekend!

Our West Coast invasion will continue in 2014 with the inclusion of a Sprint AND a Beast for the first time in Spartan history!  More to come on our West Coast take-over, but take advantage of the recently added races and sign up today!

The next Reebok SoCal Sprint will be on January 25, 2014.  Sign up HERE.  The Reebok SoCal Beast, is scheduled for September 13, 2014.  A link for registration can be found HERE.

Need your fix sooner?  Next up, Spartan rolls into Arizona in just two weeks!  See you on the course!

For a peek at some photos, check out our online album!

We’re on Twitter too!  See what’s happening in our community, and follow us today!

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    Is there any reason why the Socal Super is being replaced by the Sprint? While I am excited about the addition of the Sprint and the Beast down here, I am wondering where we will have to go to get a Super in.

  2. avatar

    I had a blast Sunday, thank you for putting on this awesome event.

  3. avatar

    Hello – any idea when the pictures from the SoCal Super will be released?

  4. avatar

    I would like to use fingerless gloves for my next event. Does anyone have any good suggestions, based on the conditions of the race? They need to be tight and be good gripping even when wet and muddy, so no gel or anything to get soggy.

  5. avatar

    When do we get to see are pictures?

  6. avatar

    does anyone know wheer we can go to find the pictures when they are up???

  7. avatar

    Why dont you guys put all the pics in one place so everyone can look through them? The pics related to my bib number and they are all of different people. This makes no sense!

  8. avatar

    It’s been 2 weeks, do you have an ETA on pictures?

  9. avatar

    Still waiting for our race photo’s….pretty disappointed that it has been over 2 weeks since we raced and all I have is a bunch of photo’s attached to my results that clearly are NOT me. Does this mean I have no photo’s or are you still working on it?

  10. avatar

    Can someone please link me to our race photos or video from SOCAL…..

  11. avatar

    I have the same problem, none of the pictures attached to me are actually of me, and same goes for a lot of my friends. Can there be a general link to look through ALL the photos so I can actually find myself (and my team members)? Please?

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