Reebok Spartan Race Recap:  Georgia Sprint

The shower stations at the Reebok Spartan Georgia Sprint had to work double time to keep up with the heaps of drain-clogging Georgia Clay that dripped from a record number of exhausted racers.  With over 7,500 competitors, not to mention the crowds of spectators throughout the day, Georgia International Horse Park was packed, both competition and festival, for its third hosting of a sprint-distance Spartan Race.

Mud.  Enough said.

Michael Mills became the first T-12 paraplegic complete an official Spartan Race course.  His story was just one example of heroics witnessed at the finish line, whether is was early in the unseasonable freezing morning, or the last racer to finish at 7.20 pm.

Competition, as always, was fierce.  The cold temperatures mixed with an ultra wet course took its toll on elite racers, making the grueling 4 mile course feel much longer.  In the woman’s race, less than 1-minute separated the top 5 places.


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    My first Spartan and the people assisting and those competing were great. Everyone was encouraging and helpful. I was the oldest in the field and finished well into the top half of the finishers. It was a great experience.

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