On March 25th 2012 an extraordinary act of perseverance paid off for our fellow Spartan Ben Seekell. As a member of the US Air Force, he has served us well. A little over a year ago Seekell a K-9 handler and his K-9 were struck by a roadside bomb while touring in Afghanistan. Seekell lost his left leg, and his K-9 became deaf. Last year fellow Spartans and good friends of Seekell gathered together to run a Spartan Race in his honor. Seekell told them that in a year he would join him. And like a true soldier, he was there!

After many hours of rehabilitation, and learning how to walk on a new leg Seekell returned to active duty last fall. He has also been training to do the Spartan Sprint in North Carolina, and a job well done! Seekell talked about Spartan Race and how it was a rush and a 100% positive experience. He was thrilled by the amount of mud, and the difficulty of the obstacles.

He noted that the most obstacles are not same as those of the military, they were tougher. He enjoyed the race and said his favorite part was the mud, and the factor it brought to the obstacles. Although he said the mud would sometime seep into the socket of his prosthetic leg and he said: “I had to make sure my leg wouldn’t fall off.” He then continued to mention that the most difficult part of the race was the cargo net bridge. Seekell said “The leg is hard to get in and out of the net, so it took a little bit longer, but it was great!”

Seekell was with a huge smile, a great attitude and anyone could tell that he was one never  to give up. He has vowed that anything he could do before he lost his leg, he can do today.  While interviewing Seekell with questions, fellow Spartans, and Spartan Kids asked questions, wanted to take pictures and just to give him a notoriety of a job well done; just an example of others taking note of Seekell’s extraordinary will! Seekell has been invited to the Southeastern Beast this October! We expect to see this extraordinary man at the finish line.

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    Truley inspirational, in a situation like that many people would say no i cant do this i cant do that and instead he said hell no! i can do this and i will do it! Congratulation on the finish!

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