Richard Lee, one of the “Founding Few” of Spartan Race and race operator in the UK, was accepted into training to become a Royal Marine in a 2007 Young Officers batch.  Due to injuries sustained during training, Richard was unable to complete his training, and thus was not eligible to join the ranks of the elite servicemen who wear the Green Beret and are known as Royal Marine Commandoes.  Richard is often referred to as a Royal Marine or Royal Marine Commando in written works surrounding Spartan Race, and Spartan Race acknowledges having designed some of the obstacles used in our obstacle course race series based on input from Richard’s training to become a Royal Marine.


Joe De Sena, founder and CEO of Spartan Race, wishes to apologize for the misconception regarding Richard’s credentials.  Spartan Race holds the highest regard for the men and women proudly serving their countries around the world.  Many of them frequent our races, and they have been instrumental in shaping what Spartan Race aspires to be both on and off our race courses.  Spartan Race regrets any implication that it would ever attempt to misappropriate what those in the military have worked so hard to earn, and is fully cooperating with the UK’s Ministry of Defense.


Further, Richard Lee apologizes for inaccuracies in the media regarding his British military service and for not more actively managing such references made to him as a Royal Marine or Royal Marine Commando.  ”The truth is I entered into training to become a Royal Marine in a 2007 Young Officers batch, but due to injuries sustained during my training, I was unable to earn the proud distinction of Royal Marine.  Those who serve in the military are truly our nation’s heroes, and it is certainly not my desire to dishonor them by claiming an unearned accomplishment.”

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