They are so sneaky over there at CrossFit HQ -  and all of the crossfitters secretly love it.  For the second WOD of the CrossFit Open, they hit us with a deadlift weight of 155lbs for men and 100lbs for women.  Excuse me?  For most CrossFit athletes, this weight is a warm-up.
The announcement of the weight brought cheers and fist bumps; until we all quickly realized that this meant we would be doing massive amounts of reps that would sooner than later destroy our lower backs and hamstrings.  Well, we were right.  In addition to 9 deadlifts, there were 12 hand-release push-ups and 15 box jumps (as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes).

It seemed so easy during the first few rounds; most people were ripping right through it.  Then, each and every one of them hit that wall; the point at which you realize that the 100lbs feels like 1000lbs.  It’s the time where the push-ups start to be broken-up and the box jumps illicit the puke feeling.  Sneaky, I tell you; downright sneaky.  However, because the rep count for each movement was so low, the athletes pushed right up until the end, making every rep count.

Tuesday, March 5, reveals the third WOD for the CrossFit Games Open: I know those masterminds are brewing something winning.

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