Spartans want to WIN a FREE Spartan Race T-shirt?

Here is your chance to show how dedicated you are to Sparta… We’ve seen people making out with their medals, wearing them to work, around the house & while driving their cars. These have become the status quo photos.  So we really want to see some people step it up with some EXTREMELY random shots of wearing that most proud possession. Try searing the Spartan Race logo on your steak or doing a double backside rodeo on the slopes with a showcase pose. Are you traveling to the Great Wall of China, bring your medal… the Eiffel Tower – show the French what a Spartan looks like.  The world is yours!

If you think you have some of the most random shots of you & your Spartan Finisher medal please email them to Carrie at with your name and a description of where you are rocking YOUR medal.

A winner will be selected for a sick Spartan Race T-shirt & a 25% Spartan discount code. Winners will be selected & notified a week from Friday.

Jealous you don’t have a medal yet?  GET REGISTERED!

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    One of the winning ones definitely has to be taken in Sparta.

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    i did the jump rope for 5 min’s and did the whole routine after dat and 1.2 mile run.
    where’z my shirt

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    when r u guys coming to dallas tx,i would love to try the challenge let me know the time n p[lace

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    City of Melbourne 67% (one,020 of one,520) Thought th is was Way Cool .. yep, Thanks alot for th is amazing report.

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