In 2010, Scott Weir decided he’d had enough of the way his life was going. Sure, he’d done a little exercise before – biking, specifically in college and during the first few years of his working life – but eventually, that fire died down to a few glowing embers until it extinguished completely. Reaching a point where he was unhappy with his frame, it was time to start rebuilding.

“After years of living a pretty sedentary life, I’d finally hit a weight and pant size that I couldn’t live with; a size 40 pants and 240lbs”, recalls Scott. “So early summer 2010 the girlfriend and I started the Couch to 5k program. I remember the first day we went out, a total of 6 minutes of running split into six 1 minute runs in like 30 minutes – it was hard. Take those last two miles at your first beast – you’re sucking wind but just keep going on guts alone – that last one minute run was the same. Eventually they got easier and longer, but when I hit 4-5k in, I started getting shin splints. So on a whim I ordered some Vibram FiveFingers and the problem disappeared.”

Progress was slow, as it always is, but it was steady and it was precisely that- progress.

“I didn’t get into racing until the next year at Ottawa Race Weekend, which was a 5K, but things spiraled pretty quickly from there. Around the same time we started running, we also began indoor rock climbing. Having seen some kind of special on MTV where Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn ran the Tough Guy, the sign for the Spartan Sprint at the gym piqued our interest. There were 5 of us that ran it that year, and it was a pretty brutal race – about 40C and incredibly humid with no water on course at a ski resort. We all made it, had a bunch of fun – despite not actually running it together as we were all different speeds -and pretty quickly decided to do it again the next year. 2012 came around and I had started biking again, did my first triathlon, a few duathlons, a few half marathons, and my first trifecta that was completed within a month of start to finish.”

That trickle progress at the beginning was rapidly becoming a torrent of activity and Scott was becoming stronger, leaner and more to the point, he was happier.

In late 2010, he started travelling to his company’s new plant in Chihuahua, Mexico with a lot of regularity, so Scott began signing up for any local race he could find in between travelling. That pattern continued the next two years, with the only difference being that his travelling cut down and his racing grew much more.

“2013 rolled around and I started with Vegas – did the Hurricane Heat and then my heat 45 minutes after we finished, except with an injured shoulder since I somehow managed to blow it out on the 2nd 8ft wall. I wasn’t ready for all of that, so I spent most of 2013 trying to recover as well, but never stopped racing.”

“I had my eastern Canada season pass and raced every venue which was 4 sprints, 1 super and 2 beasts, and transferred a registration for Sun Peaks (British Columbia), so I just needed one more super to do a triple trifecta. I managed to change a work trip around and get to the Virginia Super. Then Mexico announced their beast, and I worked another trip around that – 4th trifecta. That’s where I met Johnny Waite and Andi Hardy.

It was here that Scott had a good long conversation with who introduced him to Dave Huckle. After hearing that Dave was doing 9 Trifectas at the expense of Spartan Race, including flights and accommodation after winning a competition, and hearing there was still one more Super just announced in Guadalajara, not to mention seeing the multi-trifecta medals coming out, he made plans to get a 5th trifecta for 2013. It was here that wheels in his mind started turning and he began thinking about an attack on 2014.

“While I’m fast enough to race in the elite heat, I’m not going to win a race any time soon. So the next best thing? Trifecta record and US SR300.”

“So I began planning around that. The current plan has me going for 11 and hoping to get 10, since the Beast/Ultra Beast in the same weekend is a bit of a tall order. Pretty tough to schedule right now, there’s hardly enough Beasts, given that Sun Peaks is out – same weekend as VT, there’s one fewer in eastern Canada and no schedule for Mexico out yet. Honestly, I think Huckle has been spreading word around more than I have – he seems pretty jazzed that multiple people are out to break his record”

“As far as financing goes – I’ve already got my US and Eastern Canada season pass, so now it’s pretty much just spending my own cash and air miles that I’ve built up over the last few years. There’s lots of races I can drive to as well (apparently 13 hours is my radius), so as much as I can, I’m just avoiding paying for flights. Hard to put a price on kicking your own ass for the whole year, isn’t there?”

A self-financed attempt at a minimum of 10 Trifectas now a very real possibility, Scott is looking at breaking records throughout 2014. Don’t be surprised if you see his face at a race near you and whatever you do, get out of the way if he’s approaching fast behind you. He’s a man on a mission!

See you at the finish line…

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