by Carrie Adams

thebeast-20Since his emergence on the Spartan scene in February of 2011, Hobie Call has come to exemplify the Spartan spirit.  Winning more Spartan races than any other individual male or female, he leads the way in performance, ability, and discipline.  He’s had a target on his back for most of his ascent, but he’s rarely been bested and often left a gaping hole for those trying to catch up.  He took home the Spartan World Championships and the $10,000 pay day that went along with the victory.

photo (9)A familiar face has emerged as a challenger and he’s taking on Hobie Call in Texas where all of Sparta will undoubtedly be watching the showdown.  Quentin Leadbeter won two Spartan Races in 2011, both events Call was notably absent but Leadbeter was disappointed in that fact.  The naval academy student was quoted as saying after his Virginia victory, which he won in just 22 minutes, “Well, when I signed up for the race, I knew he [Hobie] was on his quest and I figured it would be fun to run against him… It would have been fun to run against him and give him a little competition.”

A little more about our challenger: Leadbeter is a Midshipman at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, where he just completed Freshman year. He still has three more years of school and then can commission as either a Marine or Navaal officer.

A competitive wrester, the 2010 Northern High School graduate of Owings, MD owned a 147-16 career record and was a four-time state place winner (6th, 3rd, 5th, 3rd)  Leadbeter also placed sixth at the National Wrestling Coaches Association Championship while wrestling at NAPS.

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    I have waited to see them square off. I wish I could be there. If Spartan Radio broadcast live I would be glued too it like people in olden days listening to heavyweight boxing. I hope someone there gives some twitter or Facebook updates at the finish line.

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    how long was the texas race. what is a competitive time for sprint,super and ultra and are there age classes? i am 52, former green beret and just starting out.

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