Editor’s Note:  Last week I was able to introduced you to a recovery themed WOD that was the brain child of Founder/CEO Joe D.  When pondering what Spartan Signature WOD to bring you this week, I simply had to think of any of the frequent 5.30am workout sessions that we do at Spartan HQ that involve a mountain, a weighted vest, and a sand bag.  

When doing speed work run fast.  When working on strength, running isn’t that important.  In tomorrow WOD by Joe focuses on building a strong base of aerobic capabilities and power/strength. – Jason J

The best way out is always through.

-Robert Frost

Grab a sandbag and start marching.  If you have a weighted vest bring that along, too.  The goal is NOT to run.  Run and you will pound your joints with all that extra mass.  Instead, find a steep incline and walk fast while carrying an uncomfortable amount weight. Very quickly you’ll most likely find yourself breathing heavy.  With the added weight, you maximize the effort involved in each step.  Do NOT worry about how far you go, just focus on 30 minutes of hard effort.  For those of you who need heavy resistance and you don’t have hills, drag a tire behind you.  Always be sure to spend 15 minutes warming up before big effort starts.  Stretch it out for cool down.

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    I did this yesterday and my legs are killing me but I love the hurt.

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    Sand bags of 66 pounds ? Those used in construction ???

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