Signature Founder’s WOD:  Barn Edition

This winter I had the pleasure of training with Joe Desena most weekday mornings.  We’d usually snowshoe up a nearby mountain with 40lbs sandbags.  Joe often accessorized with a 40lbs weighted vest.  The idea being to just get our strength and endurance fired up in an intense workout of climbing steep gradients usually lasting 60 minutes.  We’d wind down with the following Barn workout before starting the work day.  This WOD works great alone or when paired with a cardio based workout. – Jason Jaksetic


Barn Workout WOD

1. 30 Burpees
2. 30 Burpee/Pullups
3. 30 Pullups
4. 30 Box jumps
5. 30 Medicine Ball Squat Throws
6. 100 Jumping Jacks
7. 300 crunches
8. 30 body weight squats
9. 30 side kicks (each side)
10. 30 jumping lunges
11. 30 curls
12. 30 Tricip overhead presses
13. 30 frog jumps
14. 30 squat jumps
15. 3 x rope climbs


Typically a workout like this is done after an outdoor workout.  Here is a short one to do first:

1. Stretch for 5 minutes
2. 10 x 100 yard sprints with 1 minute break between
3. 100 burpees
4. Slow 1 mile jog
5. Stretch for 5 minutes

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    This sounds like a beast of a workout and we will be doing it in the morning

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      At first this workout scared me. As punishment for doubting myself I will be doing it this evening with a 20lb vest.

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      Mark – 16:33 rx mixed toes to bar with some knees to elbows. Still wokring on them. paleo observations; can definitely feel the benefits of eating clean in the endurance wods but also feel like I have lost some strength. I was very discouraged after yesterday’s totals but did well today. I guess this is just part of the process.[]

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        On the first WOD from Michael do:One ROOoope climbon the snceod set from Michael doTwo x 100M runs and anooo ther ROOooP climbon the third set from Micheal do3 Muscle-ups 2x100M runs and anooo ther ROOoope climb .On the last set from Michael:row 1200MHang Squat snatch x 1110 fu$%^ng burpees9 toes to bar8 sit-ups7 air squats6 push-ups5 WWWAAAAAaaaaLLLL BALLS4 box jumps3 muscle ups2 x 100 m sprintsAND another mutha f#$%&ng rope climbSee you ALL in the morning!!!!

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    how much rest between each exercises?

    thanks George

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      WPU: at first did up to 22# and then it was decided I need to work on my ovelarl push-up form so I did unweighted working on formWOD: 9:05 (37#, ab work) did the first 2 rounds at 15 reps of power snatches by mistake then did the last at 10, all rounds at 10 reps of butterfly sit-ups/ab work

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    Getting ready for the Spartan Race in Miami this December… These workouts are shredding me to pieces, but for some odd reason I like it. Did today’s WOD, took me an hour and 45 minutes to complete everything. Did not do the rope climbs however because I did not have access to one. This WOD has been one of the hardest for me. I don’t have a left hand, so those burpees definitely get the best of me, I never want to see this WOD again… But I’m sure I’ll be begging for this workout after I complete the Spartan race. Can’t wait for tomorrows workout!

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    Just knocked this entire thing out in 90 min. kills, but love it.

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    Im a rugby forward and im using these to get into good all around shape. Is there any advice on the pacing of the workout or how fast you should be doing the exercise after each other ,also any advice on how to make them a little easier im a big guy in not so great shape so this is an almost impossible workout for me at this point.

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    The bad news is that it took me 23 min to finish (20lbs). I was raelly struggling, I walked for part of one of the runs and I only did 10 burpees and 5 db squats on the second round. The good news is, I did not throw up once.

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