Buck Furpee Day:  Part II

by Jason Jaksetic

From one thing, know ten thousand things.
- Miyamoto Musashi

The burpee is quintessentially Spartan in that there is nothing wasted in the activity.   It carries with it efficiency,  and, therefore, concentrated effectiveness.  When you train, focus on training – don’t over-complicate things.  When in doubt, do burpees.

If you don’t know what a burpee is (or need a refresher course,) GO HERE.

Otherwise, start mentally preparing for tomorrow because it’s another Buck Furpee Day.

1 Day, 300 Burpees.

It’s as simple as that.  You have your waking hours tomorrow to pound out 300 perfectly executed burpees.  Do it all at once or break it into 10 separate workouts-  just get them done!  Commit to the goal that will push many of you into a world of hurt.  It might also push many of you into accomplishing something you’d never have tried.

This is a great WOD to share with your co-workers.  Just maintain sufficient clearance with office equipment at all times!

Oh, and, everything you need know about a burpee can be found on our blog where Dr. Jeff Godin breaks down the muscular analysis of the burpee.  Of course, always use common sense and understand your current burpee capabilities. Adjust Buck Furpee Day to best fit your needs.  The most important thing is to be effective tomorrow.  If you have free time, don’t waste it. Do burpees.

Sometimes the solutions to complex questions are eloquently simple.

‘How do I get fit?’  Is that complex enough of a question?  The answer?

When in doubt, do burpees.

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