SNAP Infusion is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels, a charity that brings health to millions of children throughout the world. Through this partnership, SNAP Infusion and Vitamin Angels will be sharing the stories of SUPERMOMS worldwide. This is the story of Annmarie Sabovick, a woman that overcame personal tragedy early in life and went on to become a Spartan Racer and kick-a** single mother!

Annmarie’s own mother passed away from terminal breast cancer at 45 years old. At the time, Annamarie’s mother’s diagnosis only gave her 2-3 months to live; however, sheer determination and a refusal to accept defeat helped her to overcome aggressive chemotherapy, countless surgical procedures and multiple hospitalizations to extend her life for another 5 years. After becoming a mother herself, Annmarie realized that her mother’s strength came from the desire to have more time with her children, despite the fact that each day meant more pain and suffering. Annmarie says that her mother was a true SUPERMOM, and the bravest woman she’s ever known.

A single mother to her 6 year old son, Tyler, Annmarie is proactive about maintaining her own health in order to ensure she’s around for him as long as possible. She says that living a healthy lifestyle and setting positive health goals is very important to her, which is why she loves to participate in Spartan Races. She’s worked to pass those values onto her son, who has begun to compete in Spartan Kids races and set fitness goals for himself.

Annmarie also recently returned to school to finish her undergraduate education, but she always finds a way to fit in training with Team Braveheart. Her preparation for Spartan Races consists of kickboxing and MMA, road running, trail running (her personal favorite!), countless burpees, and improvised workouts on all of the local playgrounds. She includes Tyler in as many training sessions as possible, and says that it’s served as a great family bonding activity. It takes a lot of effort and creativity for her to fit everything in, but it’s been an awesome journey for the both of them.

Annmarie tries to live by her mother’s example and embrace every day with strength and courage. She isn’t afraid to take on challenges, whether they’re part of Spartan Race course or in life. She thanks Team Braveheart for the support they’ve given to both her and Tyler, and looks forward to participating in many more events in the future.

Now that’s a SUPERMOM. Share the story of your supermom with SNAP Infusion, Spartan Race and Vitamin Angels #mysupermom


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    I did the sparten race for the first time with my 19 year old son and 16 year old daughter we were in the 11 wave I got done around 1 looking for pictures!,,we had a great time thank u for doing a great job,plus my son is getting free sneakers,woohoo

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