by Chris Rutz, Elite Spartan Racer

This weekend, Reebok Spartan Race kicks off the 2013 calendar year with the Super Spartan SoCal in Temecula.

This is the first race since the Reebok/Spartan Race partnership was announced last week in New York City.

Many of the top athletes from the 2012 Season will be racing in Temecula this weekend for their share of the $7,500 cash purse generously provided by our partners at Navy Federal Credit Union for the Saturday Elite wave. 

Cody Moat, 2012 Men’s Points Champion

These Top 10 Athletes from the 2012 Season are scheduled to appear
this weekend:

Men:                                      Women:

Cody Moat                                Jenny Tobin

Hobie Call                                 Leslie St Louis

Christopher Rutz                       Margaret Schlachter

Elliott Megquier                         Corinne Kohlen

Shawn Feiock                           Juliana Sproles

Dallas Bassette                         Leyla Ester Di Cori

In addition to these top performers from 2012, watch out for Hunter McIntyre, who has already made a name for himself at the NorCal Beast and the Malibu Sprint, with podium finishes at each.

On the women’s side, Midwest Super champion and Ultra Beast and Beast second place finisher Amelia Boone may also make an appearance. With prize money, Reebok, and the great group of top racers, it is shaping up to be an exciting weekend of obstacle course racing. 

Many of the top athletes are excited about the agreement between Reebok and Spartan Race. We asked a few of them what they think it means for the future of the sport of Obstacle Racing.

Some quotes on their initial reactions to the news: 

Spartan emerging elite male Hunter McIntyre noted, “It will bring greater attention to the sport, coupled with stronger competition.”

On the Spartan female side top, ten athlete Leyla Di Cori remarked, “I think this is a great opportunity to give more credibility to obstacle racing as a sport.” 

Jenny Tobin, 2012 Female Points Champion

Spartan champion Hobie Call, who was onsite in New York City last week for the ground-breaking announcement, was quoted as saying, “It will be nice to have a large company come out with some obstacle racing specific clothing/shoes, and help sponsor athletes, which will help get serious athletes to more races.”

Leslie St. Louis, Spartan female elite athlete commented, “…maybe I am not thinking big enough yet, but as far as Spartan specifically, I foresee more momentum for CrossFit inspired events and obstacles, such as the WODstock event in Temecula and the obstacles at Citi Field.”

To find out more about what these and other athletes are thinking, get out to the SoCal Spartan this weekend and ask them. They would welcome the opportunity to share their passion for obstacle course racing with you.

See you at the races!  

Not registered yet?  What are you waiting for?  Join the expected 500,000 Spartans that will cross one of our finish lines this year.  

Click HERE to find an event near you. 

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    Myself and another OIF/OEF vet will be competing in the Spartan SoCal on 26 JAN, and we were looking for help with a ride from John Wayne Orange County Airport on Friday afternoon, or to and from the race on Saturday from the Roadway Inn Hotel. We are flying in all the way from Gillette, Wyoming and this will be our first Spartan. Please email, and I hope someone out there can give us a hand!

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    Just made it into town from Texas,did the beast DEC-8th had great weather ITS RAINING LOVE IT.

  3. avatar

    is the 1/26/13 race cancelled due to weather???? Didn’t register… so I’m not getting any emails. Was going to just wing it and head to temecula… but just want to double check. I purchased livingsocial deal months ago for the VIP package. Does anyone know what the “extra cost” for the Socal race would be that they mention. thanks.

    any info ASAP would be great. thx

  4. avatar

    Half a bannana at the finish line of today’s race… Come on guys WTF? At least you gave us a whole bannana to eat during the two hour bus line in Malibu. I sure did miss the Gaspri handouts today (and the other half of my bannana). Where was Reebok?

    • avatar

      Yeah I added an extra N in banana; I thought it would make up for my missing half… But it didn’t and I am still upset.

    • avatar

      Did you ask for a whole banana???

      Gaspari didn’t return this year. Reebok just came on board, their presence will be felt at the upcoming races. Thanks for participating.

  5. avatar

    Why’d you delete my banana comment? I just stated that Gaspari seemed to be a better sponsor. At least they gave us goodies and a whole banana.

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